The New 2013 Line of 4 Ball Rollers from Brunswick is Here

I know how it sounds but I cant help myself Brunswick has made two epic four ball bowling bags that I want to talk about.

I am sure youll agree with me when I say that Brunswick equals bowling. I mean they have been making bowling bags even before I was born so they must be good at that. The proofs in the pudding as they say or in this case in the two 4 ball bags in their 2013 line.

I think the design of both bags is phenomenal. Thats why when you get one of the two bags you actually get two bags. The removable double tote is a bag by itself. It will come handy every time you want to go to the lane to throw a few quick balls. On the other hand if you are headed to a tournament you will have a four ball bag with plenty of room for storing your items.

Both bags have a lower storage compartment that gives you fast access to your bowling balls. The shoe compartment holds up to size 15 shoes but depending on the size of your shoes you can fit 2 pairs.

A bag with four balls in it and a pair of shoes plus accessories makes it impossible to carry it on your shoulder so it needs to be pulled. The big five inch wheel makes that very easy. And it also looks great too.

In addition to all the cool features I mentioned above to persuade you choose their bags Brunswick offers 5 year warranty on their 4 ball bowling bags. They can afford it because the fabric (600 denier) is tear resistant.
Now, you might not be aware of something called MAP or minimal advertised price. What that means is that no one can sell the bags for less than that price.

What that means for the end consumer like you and me is that these bags sell at the map price on line and offline. However, getting it off line means that you have to pay sales tax.

However, if you purchase any of the two bags from youll get free shipping to all 48 lower states.

And if thats not enough they also give you one year limited warranty in addition to the original 5 year warranty.

To check out the 4 Ball Brunswick Gear or the 4 ball Team Brunswick visit

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