Need a Durable Single Ball Roller Check Out Flash X

I am old enough but Brunswick has been making great bowling bags even before I was born. That means they know a thing or two about how to make bowling bags. Thats why they are so confident in their product that it comes with five year warranty and starting this year seven years on particular models..

The Flash X Brunswick one ball roller is no exception. The Flash X and the Gear are the only two bags in this CatID from Brunswick unlike their single tote bags (eight types) but do not let this fact make you think the bag isnt worth it. Actually, quite the opposite is true and Im going to prove it to you right now.

First off its a tough one. The reason for that is the tear resistant fabric (600 denier).

If youre buying it for yourself in years time you would need at least a two ball roller. What people do in a situation like that? They give the old one to someone else. And you know what the best part is youll always be remembered as the guy who gave them their first bowling bag.

Smooth ride the new spider wheels on the Flash X makes rolling over different terrains pretty easy. Not to mention that the wheels actually look cool.

Flash X can store one pair of shoes up to size 13 and the Gear up to size 14. You do have shoes, dont you? Why is that such a big deal? Because you can not call yourself a bowler if you keep renting shoes at the lane, thats why. So, you can have the shoes and the ball with you, as well.

In addition to that the bag has a pocket for your essential accessories.

The small size makes it easy to store it anywhere you want a corner in the garage or in the already full trunk of your truck. That way you will always have a bowling ball and a pair of shoes handy in case you decide to throw a few balls.

Last but not least this bag comes with free two-way shipping from and a no questions asked, Good-as-Gold Guarantee. In short if you dont like the bag for any reason or no reason at all you have one full year to return it for a full return.

If you liked what you read you can check out the the the Brunxwick Flash X one ball roller or any other one ball bags from Brunswick.

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