B in Brunswick is for Bowling Heres Why

Do you know which company think of itself as the king of Bowling? I dont know about you but when I think about bowling I think about Brunswick. I have always wondered why that is. Could it be because of the countless number of their centers across the Unites States? Probably.

However, we arent here today to discuss bowling centers but bowling bags and without further adieu lets get into it.

Itwill not be an overstatement to state that no matter what bag you want Brunswick has it. They really have them all single totes and rollers, 2 ball totes and rollers, triple and four ball bowling bags even 2 six ball rollers.

For years dark colors have been the staple for Brunswicks bowling bags but I am happy to say that this year they have some color too. I know, I know, it is hard to break a habit but they did it.

Who cares you might think and you may be right but let me tell you something therere people who care. They want a bag from their favorite brand that they really like Whats more, if you want to bowl with your loved one or a family member you can pick a bag for them as well.

If youre getting a bag for your child or grand kid check out the Dyno-B series. If your wifey is the one that you want to be with you on the lane check out either the Flash X single roller or Image two ball rollers.

Looking good is one thing but thats not all that people care about. They want more and Brunswick delivers all roller bags come with 5 year warranty and a few even with 7. In simple terms it means that if you were to buy a bag now it might last forever.

In addition to all that I want to add just one more thing unlike other manufacturers Brunswick assembles all of its bags here in the US, in Illinois to be exact. Why should you care? Because buying a Brunswick bag means keeping the US economy running

So, I managed to persuade you to pick Brunswick. Heres another piece of advice from me check out LongLiveBowling.com as they offer free shipping both ways.

That means that if you do not like the bag for any reason you can send it back on LLBs dime for a full refund. I am yet to find another merchant who offers that.

 What are you waiting for – check out LongLiveBowling.com and take advantage of that great offer.

Take a look at all <a href=”http://www.longlivebowling.com/categories/brunswick”>bowling bags from Brunswick</a> and <a href=”http://www.longlivebowling.com/categories/brunswick-balls”>Brunswick Bowling Balls</a>. 

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