The King of Six Ball Rollers Team Brunswick

Brunswick have done a great job with their 2013 six ball bag and in the article below I will tell you why.

Having that many bowling balls virtually guarantees that no lane condition can catch you unprepared.

Having six bowling balls in a bag makes for a very heavy bag. Carrying it on your shoulder isnt an option so you will have to pull it. To make it easier Brunswick introduced the new 5” spider wheel for a smooth ride and even cooler look.

The handle at the bottom along with the top one make it easy to take the bag out and put it back in your car.

Because the bag needs to be durable Brunswick chose fabric thats considered to be tear resistant the 600D fabric.

I dont know why Brunswick took these videos down. A few years ago they released a few that showed how they test their bags for durability. The bags were run over by a truck and were thrown against a wall multiple times. I think that was brilliant but unfortunately I cant find the videos on line anymore. Anyway.

That tells you how durable this 6 bowling bag is. And if that is not enough to persuade you get that this bag comes with not 1, not 3, not 5 but seven year warranty. Im yet to hear that from another manufacturer.

Brunswick have not forgotten that people want plenty of pockets and the new bag delivers on that. Now you can have all your bowling accessories with you everywhere you go.

But what if you dont need all six balls and all the accessories? What if you just want to go to the lane to throw a few balls?

Heres my answer get the bag anyway because it comes with a removable two ball tote.

Now, lets talk business. The bag is expensive, no two ways about it. Thats the reason why you need to be a smart buyer to save and that means purchasing the bag on line to save on taxes.

Please take my advice check out Here is why the website offers free shipping and no restocking fees if you want to return an item. Also it offers something no other website out there offers limited one year warranty in addition to Brunswicks original 7 year warranty.

To check out the new Team Brunswick 6 Ball Roller – click here. To check out the new line of bowling bags from Brunswick, click here.

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