Guide to 2014 Line of Bowling Shoes from Storm

You probably know that Storm prides itself as THE Bowlers company. I think youllyoud agree with me that they have a pretty good reason for that. I mean they are N1 in bowling balls and no matter what your level is they probably have a ball for you. From the Ice Line if youre just starting out to their Premier line for the pros.

Theyre also a major factor in the bowling bags market even though theyre number 2 behind Brunswick. Regardless of that I personally knowpeople whod argue with you for hours that no one can make better bowling bags than Storm.

You wont believe it but Storm did not have shoes in their line until a year or two ago which was strange in my opinion. However their inexperience didnt stop them from growing their market share and as of today theyre the third largest manufacturer of bowling shoes in the U.S. right behind Dexter and Brunswick.

In the article you are about to read I am going to share with you my thoughts on their line of bowling shoes for men and women.

Storm has seven models of bowling shoes for men at different price points with the Blizzard being the cheapest one ($59.99) and the SP 800 being the most expensive ($159.99).

Whenever someone sees Storms line of mens shoes for the first time their reaction is always the same. They just love these colorful shoes and they look great, indeed. That does not mean that Storm does not have shoes in dark colors too – it just means that it is trying to break the mold and have done it successfully in my opinion.

Their line of shoes for women has six models Cloud, Electra, Mariah, SP2 601, SP2 602 and Windy. Color wise the choice is limited, compared to the mens line. Womens shoes are primarily white with the exception of the Windy and Mariah.

Price wise shoes sell for between $58.99 and $159.99 so again regardless of what your budget is you will definitely be able to find a shoe that you like within your price range.

Like their competitors from Brunswick and Dexter Storm guarantees their bowling shoes for a full year. That means that if there is a problem with the craftsmanship the company will send you a replacement pair. Thats it.

1 year to me seems like not long enough time and after looking around I stumbled upon a site that gives an additional year of warranty on all Storm bowling shoes at no additional to you. The website is, go check it out.

One year additional warranty just means that you have 12 months to decide if you like the shoes. Simply put that means that after you buy the shoes you have one full year to decide whether or not you want to keep them.

In case that you decide to return the shoes you can easily do so. Contact them, get a return label, put the shoes in the mailbox and you will get your money back. Simple as that and the best part is that LongLiveBowling will pay for you to return the shoes.

If you think that can not be true I understand that as they say – better safe than sorry. However LLBs generous terms are for real.
LongLiveBowling has been in business for almost a year and they have to differentiate themselves from the eight hundred pounds gorillas in their market and thats their way to attract customers to stay in business.

I think they will succeed and pretty soon they will have more clients that they will be able to handle and when this happen these generous terms will be gone for good.
So why dont you take advantage of them while you still can just visit to check them out.

As an unadvertised bonus you get to deal with a former U.S. bowling team coach Sean Klug whos the owner of the site.

What that means is that on the site you can ask such an expert your bowling related question and get answers straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

So take advantage of Seans nearly 40 year bowling experience as a bowler, pro shop owner and coach. Ask him all your burning bowling-related questions and you will get answers straight from horse mouth, figuratively speaking.

So once again – the website is – go check it out for the latest bowling shoes by Storm. While there check out our detailed blog review of Storm bowling shoes.

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