You Reallt Need to Check the New Line of DV8 Single Totes Heres Why

Have no idea what DV8 is? I dont blame. I didnt know either until a few months ago when I finally found out that DV8 is the high end brand of Brunswick, similar to what Acura is for Honda.

In other words if you like Brunswicks quality and craftsmanship but want a product with more contemporary design you need to check DV8 out.

But lets get directly to the meat and potatoes. The single tote was designed with both men and women in mind. The pink DV8 Diva is perfect for ladies and the b&w for males.

Also both bags are very easy to carry around because of the adjustable strap they come with.

Again, similar to other 1 ball totes these two have a foam ball holder that can be removed thus turning a bowling bag into a regular bag.

I also would like you to pay attention to the fabric of the bags. Its known as the tear resistant material (aka 600D).

Let stop listing features for a second and talk about you, shall we? Let me try to tell you something about you. Youre either just starting in bowling or are looking for a gift for a kid/loved one. Am I right?

If youre just entering the wonderful world of bowling in a year or so youll need either a 2 or 3 ball holder. When that happens you could give this one ball tote to someone else whos just starting out and thats how they will remember you.

The same if you are getting one if the DV8s for a kid or a grandchild youll be the one introducing them to bowling.

Im not sure if you know that fact but the people participating in leagues has been declining for the last decade. Thats why if you can introduce only person to bowling you would have done a good deed.

Oh, I almost forgot with their compact sizes the bags can be stored literally everywhere. The Diva measures 13”W x 9”D x 12”H and the single tote 13”W x 8.5”D x 9”H (13”W x 10”D x 9”H after expansion). You can put them in the trunk of your car or in a closet in your house or in a corner of your garage and they wont take up any space.

But lets not get emotional and get back to the features of the DV8 tote. The compact size of both bags makes them suitable for storing everywhere in the trunk or the back seat of your vehicle; or in the basement or behind the door in your kid room.

Thats all I wanted to share with you and before we part ways I want to tell you about a cool site you can get the bag from.

Head on to to see what I am talking about.

No taxes and no charge for shipping is pretty cool but there is at least one other website that offers that. What no other site offers is limited one year warranty in addition to the one provided by DV8.

This means that you have one full year to make up your mind about the bag. If you dont like it you can send it back to us within 365 days and get your money back.

So to check the new line of DV8 one ball bags click here. To see all DV8 bowling bags – click here.

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