Get Discount Beads and More from a Bead Show

Discount beads are sought after by people who are just starting their craft. It is not practical to use expensive beads when you are only practicing and learning the techniques of bead work. New crafters should not worry about finding discount beads as these can be available in many places including the online shops, bead craft stores, and bead shows. Lets talk about bead shows.

Bead shows are actually trade shows where the participating vendors sell beads and other craft supplies. Almost every jewelry component that you may need, from lamp work beads to hand-carved bone, to hill tribe silver, stone, wood, seed beads and to Swarovski crystal can be found at your local bead show. This is one of the places where you can get discount beads for your new projects. Besides the beads, vendors also sell stringing materials, jewelry kits, and finished jewelry pieces. If you go to bigger bead shows, you might find beading classes conducted by well known beading artists.

There is an entrance fee to be paid when you attend a bead show, and the fee may range from $3 to $5. The fees sometimes make some people think twice before they go to one show, believing that they can save the pocket change if they get their discount beads online. They can deal with the same companies and purchase the exact products. However, coming to a bead show offers some advantages.

The first and the biggest draw in coming to a bead show are of course, the offered deals and sales. This is where you can find and buy discount beads. All the very best prices and the greatest discounts are what attract the savvy shoppers to come to this place. You can get $1 bead bins, $2 strands and 50% off bins.

When you come to a bead show, you can see the beads in person. When you buy online, the settings of the computer screens may affect how the colors are viewed, making it difficult to match the beads with those that you already have. Actually seeing how light shines on your crystal is very important, as you will know the look of a particularly colored discount bead when already included into a jewelry piece. Also at bead shows, you can see the actual sizes and feel the actual weight of the beads, as well as the feel. This information will allow you to order beads online next time and get exactly what you have purchased. Moreover, some vendors at bead shows have beautiful and unique beads available for sale that are very few so they do not bother to put it up on their sites.

The other advantage of coming to a bead show, besides the discount beads, is educational. You can learn about the latest trends, new shapes, colors and styles from the vendors because they know their products very much. If no bead show comes to your area, you can find them advertised in Bead Style or Bead & Butter magazines sold at some bookstores.

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