How to Buy Beads for Home Craft Jewelry Making

Most people find it very confusing and complicated when buying beads. However, it is not entirely their fault as there are over thousands on materials, colors, shape, sizes and prices to choose from and this could be confusing. Most times, it is poss

Beads for Beading Embroidery

Beads are known for making jewelry items that are affordable and functional. These jewelry making supplies are one of the best to have because they are affordable. They are different varieties available such as cat eye, lamp stand, and seed among oth

Cheap Brooches and Bead Caps

A brooch adds to the style of the person wearing it. It is an ornament pinned on the clothing of the wearer. It is fastened by passing the pin through the clothing and securing the point of the pin with a catch. Cheap brooches can be made attractive

Acrylic Beads – To Use or Not To Use

If you ask people whether they have heard the term acrylic beads some of them may say “yes” but many will reply with a “no”. It is because the term acrylic beads are not very commonly used. These are a kind of plastic beads that look like g

Get Discount Beads and More from a Bead Show

Discount beads are sought after by people who are just starting their craft. It is not practical to use expensive beads when you are only practicing and learning the techniques of bead work. New crafters should not worry about finding discount beads

Taking Good Care Of Pandora Glass Beads Jewelry

Jewelry pieces made from Pandora glass beads is among the hottest brands of jewelry around the world. It has become popular since its launch many years ago and this popularity continues to soar up to these days. Pandora brand pieces were given the â

The Best Place to Get Metal Beads

Beading is an art that has become popular among men and women. Some find it to be a fulfilling hobby, while others get income from their creations. Many people do beading for both, hobby and to get occupied, and profit from selling beaded jewelry.

Fashion Jewelry Beads and Stylish Jewelry Items

We are currently living in a fashion age. The world today is very materialistic such that outer looks are what are used to judge a person. Media has been very important in bringing peoples attention to fashion. Generally, women tend to be more fas

Magical Jewelry with Tiger Eye Beads

Polishing is done to tiger eye beads to ensure that their pearly luminescence characteristic stripes are visible. These stripes are a result of light reflecting off a thin parallel inclusion in the quartz. The name is derived from the bands that are

5 Uses for Plastic Beads

Are you looking to make some great necklaces and bracelets and such? You need to look into plastic beads. What you will find with plastic beads is that they are so cheap and they work really well. So, for a great choice, that is what you want to h