Get Discount Beads and More from a Bead Show

Discount beads are sought after by people who are just starting their craft. It is not practical to use expensive beads when you are only practicing and learning the techniques of bead work. New crafters should not worry about finding discount beads

Four High-Quality Discount Beads

It can be tempting to think of ‘discount beads’ as being synonymous with ‘low-quality beads’, but if you look in the right places then this really needn’t be the case. Discount beads can be a great way to build up your collection, especially if you’r

5 Unique Places To Find Discount Beads

If you have just begun making jewelry from beads, it can seem like an expensive hobby or business. Beautiful beads can be difficult to find at a bargain and can cost you as much as forty dollars just to make one wonderful piece. However, there are