Acrylic Beads – To Use or Not To Use

If you ask people whether they have heard the term acrylic beads some of them may say “yes” but many will reply with a “no”. It is because the term acrylic beads are not very commonly used. These are a kind of plastic beads that look like g

Get Discount Beads and More from a Bead Show

Discount beads are sought after by people who are just starting their craft. It is not practical to use expensive beads when you are only practicing and learning the techniques of bead work. New crafters should not worry about finding discount beads

The Best Place to Get Metal Beads

Beading is an art that has become popular among men and women. Some find it to be a fulfilling hobby, while others get income from their creations. Many people do beading for both, hobby and to get occupied, and profit from selling beaded jewelry.

Where to Find Loose Beads for Jewelry

Bead working and jewelry making are popular hobbies for jewelry enthusiasts and a great business venture for the artisans. Whether or not you intend to sell your creations, you may be interested to know what places you can go to find inexpensive, loo