Taking Good Care Of Pandora Glass Beads Jewelry

Jewelry pieces made from Pandora glass beads is among the hottest brands of jewelry around the world. It has become popular since its launch many years ago and this popularity continues to soar up to these days. Pandora brand pieces were given the “hottest brand” award by the “In store” Magazine several years back. Because of this, many fake brands claiming they are Pandora have come out and they are trying to sell imitation pieces to consumers and by telling them that the pieces are real and authentic.

To help you know if what you are purchasing is a genuine Pandora glass beads jewelry, many websites have published three methods of making sure that a Pandora item is authentic. These methods include (1) looking for the Pandora hallmark, (2) dealing only with authorized retailers of Pandora, and (3) matching the products. The first 2 methods are better than the last, as some imitators are very good at producing fake Pandora items, but it can also be of help.

Once you have purchased your Pandora glass beads jewelry piece after making sure that it is genuine, these items should be handled with care and regularly cleaned. Cleaning your jewelry will help maintain its sparkle and ensure that it will serve you for a long time. For regular cleaning, you can use a dry polishing cloth, which you can get from most Pandora retailers. Polish the beads by rubbing the cloth to them gently until their surfaces become brilliant again.

If you have been using your Pandora glass beads piece of jewelry for quite a time now, chances are that it has become dirty and cannot be cleaned by simply rubbing it with a polishing cloth. The recommended method is to clean your jewelry at home using soap and lukewarm water. Use a soft toothbrush in cleaning your Pandora piece. Allow it to soak for a few minutes before brushing, so the dirt that has attached will loosen up. After rinsing, dry your Pandora jewelry with a soft cotton cloth. You will notice that the sparkle is back.

Pandora glass beads jewelry should never be exposed to liquid jewelry cleaners or very strong cleaning chemicals. These agents may damage the organic components like wood, leather or pearls, and also alter the color of the piece. When you are not wearing your Pandora jewelry, make sure that you store it separate from the other pieces. Use a lined protective jewelry box which is available at Pandora outlets. You can also use a polyethylene plastic zip lock bag, but never a polyvinyl which are used as garbage bags. Sulfur compounds are present in polyvinyl plastics. If your Pandora piece has a silver sterling silver component, then it can tarnish faster.

Also note that Pandora jewelry gift boxes are not airtight, so they are not recommended to be used long term. When humidity and air become present inside the box, they can also cause the silver components to tarnish just like if they are not inside the box. Follow the storing and cleaning methods as suggested. After all, you have made efforts to get the authentic pieces of Pandora glass beads jewelry.

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