Acrylic Beads – To Use or Not To Use

If you ask people whether they have heard the term acrylic beads some of them may say “yes” but many will reply with a “no”. It is because the term acrylic beads are not very commonly used. These are a kind of plastic beads that look like glass, and people tend to refer to them as plastic beads. In making pieces of jewelry, acrylic beads are most of the times considered as “taboo” unless the purpose of using it is to create childrens jewelry. Many artisans do not like the poor quality of these beads found at most stores; they have ugly bubbles inside, rough edges, and neon colors.

However, if you will make a thorough search, you definitely can find acrylic beads that can match other beads particularly glass beads. The quality is so good and their beauty is so eye catching you might find it hard to tell whether they are acrylic or glass. So, even if they are a No-No for some artisans, it can still be safe to say that these beads can be used not only for kids jewelry pieces, but also for the adult ladies. Here are some reasons.

Acrylic beads are available in colors that you would not usually see in glass beads.
Compared to glass beads, acrylic beads are much lighter.
Like other beads, they come in all kinds of sizes starting from 4 mm and up.
They give a lightweight feel, which is an advantage, as heavy jewelry can be uncomfortable to wear.
The holes, though not very huge, can accommodate one or several thin beading wires.
They look great with or without bead caps.
They are stronger than other beads and impact resistant.

Acrylic beads are used not only for purposes of jewelry crafting. The weight of the beads which is very light makes them ideal to use in other craft work such as for home decoration. Great for curtains and table cloths, acrylic beads are also useful to decorate furniture and home items to make them more appealing. Because of the various uses of acrylic beads, I do not consider them taboo. In fact, I will look for them each time I need to purchase beads for my new project. The options are so many and the finished products will certainly bring joy to the sight.

Making handcrafted acrylic beads can be rewarding. You can wear them as you like, and you can give them as a present to friends. How about selling them? Yes, of course, you can sell them and make a profit. Acrylic beads are very much affordable especially if you buy them online and in bulk. Try to find an online seller that you can trust to deliver the good quality acrylic beads that are different from the other plastic type beads. There should be no rough edges and ugly bubbles inside, and the overall appearance should be satisfactory. Make sure that you can return the beads if the items delivered are not acceptable to you.

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