Flash Triple X by Brunswick Pros and Cons

If you are reading this article chances are you are at least a mid-level bowler. Congratulations, I do mean it. And here is why.

I know that the majority of people out there do not consider bowling to be a sport. The fact is that its a sport. You know how many hours you have spent on the lane throwing the ball this way or that way.

Youve also bought books on the subject and watched on YouTube how famous bowlers throw and tried to copy them. Now you know why I said congrats.

Advancing in bowling means you would need more balls for the different stages of the game. To carry these balls youll need a bigger bag. If thats the case I would like to tell you more about the Brunswick 3 ball rollers.

Brunswicks been around forever so they know a thing or two when it comes to making bags.

Anyway, today I want to tell you more about one bag in particular the Flash X 3 Ball roller

1. It comes in four colors black, gold, pink and silver so no matter your gender there is a color that you will like and make you stand out from the other bowlers when you walk into that bowling lane.

2. Tape, rosin bag, glove you could have all them with you and use them when you have to.

3. The separate shoe compartment on the top gives you easy and instant access to them. Depending on the size of your shoes you might be able to fit another pair too.

4. The retractable square locking handle that extends up to 44” makes the bag easy to roll. Taller people will definitely appreciate that feature.

5. This bag is a tough one and here is why. The fabric 600 denier is considered to be tear-resistant. What that means is that this triple roller can be abused for a long time before it rips.

6. Limited 5 year warranty. This is like forever because in 5 years you may need a four ball roller or a six ball one. In 5 years if you have to upgrade you bag you could pass this one down to a relative or a friend.

If you like what you read so far about this bag and want to check it out visit www.LongLiveBowling.com. The bag comes with free shipping and 1 year Good as Gold Guarantee in addition to Brunswicks guarantee.

In plain English it means that you have one full year to decide if you want to keep this bag.

If I managed to pick your curiosity – visit LongLiveBowling.com to check out the triple Flash X by Brunswick or the new line of three ball roller by Brunswick.

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