Which Swimwear Suits You Best?

The kind of swimwear that will suit and flatter you the best is most easily defined and decided by figuring out what your general body shape is. Read on for a breakdown of the most common body shapes and how best to dress them for the beach.

Women with apple-shaped bodies may well have large busts, but their primary feature is that they carry a lot of their weight on their stomachs and generally around their middle sections. Apples often have really good legs, meaning that high-legged swimsuits help to enhance these wear them with wedged flip-flops or beach sandals to make the effect even more prominent. If you’re self-concious about your middle and would rather not have your stomach on show, there are all kinds of things you can do high-waisted bikinis are very in this season, stomach-control swimsuits look great on some women who feel better wearing them, and the tankini is basically made for apples.

People whose body are roughly speaking triangular have large breasts and wide shoulders, with slimmer hips and a generally small thigh and bum area. The ideal option for you is to buy mix and match bikini separates, so that you can buy tops and bottoms in different sizes and this way, you can choose ones that are right for you. For a top you want something with a little padding, proper underwires and a lot of support. For a bottom, pick something with an element of decoration that balances your body out fringing, a peplum, or a loud print that contrasts with your bra top.

Pear shapes carry most of their weight on their buttocks and thighs, often with smaller breasts and a flatter stomach. Look for padded tops that enhance your busts, cutouts that show off your belly, and swimdress style skirts that flatter your hips and thighs. If you want to start experimenting with patterns, stick to keeping them on the top half of your body and make the bottom half a little plainer.

Hourglass figures, with their even proportions and narrow waists, are without doubt blessed when it comes to looking for clothes and swimsuits are no exception. You can wear literally any kind of suit you feel comfortable in, and the sky is the limit. Consider looking for an underwired top if you have larger breasts, and don’t be afraid to experiment with any number of retro styles that complement your figure.

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