How to Have the Perfect Day at the Beach

We’re not promising that this is an exhaustive list but if you remember all these important things, there’s a good chance you’ll have a much better time than you might have done otherwise.

Find swimwear that you feel confident in. The better you feel, the better you’ll look and if you do feel horribly self-conscious, a ratty old swimming costume you’ve had since the mid-nineties is just going to make you feel worse. Try to find something that fits well and that you like, and you’ll look all the better for it. Let your children pick the bathing suits they like the most, too, and don’t fuss more than is absolutely necessary about exactly what their choices are.

Make sure you’re well-prepared and have packed everything you’re going to need. Arriving at the beach to discover that you’ve forgotten your sunglasses or haven’t brought the book you wanted to read is just irritating. Make a list in advance and tick things off it as you pack them. Let the children do their own packing, but remember to double check that they’ve got all of the essentials with them.

Take some snacks with you, but don’t worry about packing a whole lunch. Let’s face it: you aren’t really going to want to eat that big fancy salad or those inevitably soggy cling-filmed sandwiches. Let yourself simply accept the fact that you’re going to fill up on hot dogs and ice cream, take a few boxes full of healthier snacks to save a little money and get some fruit in the kids in between sugary lollies, and relax.

Try to stay relaxed and flexible about your plans. It’s far too easy to let yourself get unnecessarily heated up about the idea of having an itinerary. This isn’t at all necessary, though, really focus on unwinding and enjoying the day, and worry less about who does what and when.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of books and beach toys with you. Without things to do, even the most self-contained of children are likely to get bored. If you’ve got all kinds of diverting things to keep everyone occupied, your day at the beach will be all the more easily enjoyable for the whole family. Allow yourself to fall asleep and nap through the afternoon if you want to, as well after all, you’re on vacation!

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