Hairstyle that’s Meant For You

Sporting the right mane can work wonders for you. The fact is the wrong hairdo can also ruin your appearance. So the moral is the right hairdo is what you need. Our hair frames the face and should ideally accentuate the beauty and dim the flaws and if your hairstyle is doing just the opposite then it’s time to change. Before you go ahead with your new look you need to know your face type and shape and what hairstyles are meant for you.

First things first so to know your face type pull back your hair from the forehead and bunch it up. Look at the mirror and trace the reflection you see with the help of a marker pen. You have it right there, the shape of your face and now it’s time to know what looks best on you.

Round Face – The trick here is to break the round impression by adding some length to it. Don’t wear your hair too short. Straightening your hair is also a good idea. It is equally important to create a soft frame around the face. A layered look makes your face look slim. When you leave it open tuck your hair behind your ears to draw focus on your face. Avoid blunt cuts.

Long Face – The length remains consistent here, right from the forehead, the cheekbones to the jaws. Avoid wearing your hair too long. To break the monotony try out curls and waves. A short cut is what suits you best.

Oval Face – This is nothing but an elongated round. Take the focus away from the length and wear a roundish cut. A stylish bob or a smart shoulder length layered cut is advisable.

Pear Face – For a pear shaped face, long and straight hair is a strict no. The idea is to add volume to your face and not make it seem longer, so a short bob with layers that balances the look is desirable. If you want to wear your hair long then always add layers especially near the face to soften your features.

Heart Shape Face – You have a prominent and large forehead with a narrow pointed chin. The thing to do is remove focus from both. Avoid a trim layer around the base of your face. Try the bangs that frame your face or even a short bob that can bring out your best features.

Triangular Face – The exact opposite of the heart shape you have a narrow forehead and a broad jaw. You can wear your hair long or short, just as you please but ensure it only highlights your loveliness and not your flaws.

Try what suits you and see the world of change it brings. Trust me more than make up, the right hairstyle will recreate a new you.

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