How To Use Bathing Suits To Accentuate Your Best Features

Summer is the best time to use bathing suits which flaunt womens beautiful curves. What about those women who dont have the perfect body shape to wear any type of swimsuit? Well here are a list of issues concerning womens body shapes and how to make them look awesome at the beach or swimming pools. Its a good tool kit for a shopping trip.

Hide That Little Extra Around The Middle

Look for bathing suits that draw away the attention from the problematic area. There are many types which divert the attention away from the midriff or stomach. The empire-cut can accentuate the waistline. Peoples eyes will be drawn towards the slimmest part of the body which is just underneath the breasts because of the upper middle cinches.

The tankinis are also perfect swimming attire to hide the bulges in the tummy. Tankinis have a tank top style and bikini bottoms. The tummy is minimized because only a small portion of the skin is revealed. Choose solid and dark colors to camouflage the tummy. At least choose two colors with the lighter one on top and the darker on the bottom. Dark colors create a smaller illusion to the eyes. The lighter color will draw the attention to your upper portion.

Add some accents to minimize the tummy from showing off such as ruches or belts. If you have one-piece bathing suits, try to cinch the middle area with a belt or try ruching that part by yourself. Wear swimsuits with control panels to smoothen and minimize the trouble zones. Since these panels are normally spandex-made, they slenderize the buttocks, back and stomach area. There are many colors and shapes to choose from.

With Extra Curves

Try wearing one-piece bathing suits in bold colors to enhance your figure. Low-cut busts and empire waists will emphasize your curves. You can wear two-piece suits too, such as halter tops or those with large straps. Make sure you have extra support inside like a built-in bra to secure your bust during water activities and games. The purpose is to be sexy and comfortable at the same time without totally exposing yourself.

For Those With Straight Figures

Straight figures are best suited for sporty bathing suits because they will enhance their athletic bodies. The triangle tops or bandeau bikinis when matched with boy shorts, bottoms with low-rise hipsters or scoop bottoms create a complimentary appearance for these figures.

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