Using Pandora Glass Beads

Thanks largely to the rise of the shamballah trend, Pandora-style bracelets and other jewelry are not quite as popular as once they were. Nevertheless, theyre still a gorgeously sparkly way to personalise your jewelry and create pieces that are well and truly your own. One of the best things about them is that while theyre made in a standardised way to fit on the bracelets that come with them, theyre actually a great deal more versatile than that and you can make anything with them that you could make from other beads. Here are a few of our favorite examples.

This is a lovely style to use with Pandora glass beads, because it showcases them wonderfully and theyre often more than ornate enough to warrant it. Try making beaded lariats for even more pizazz, or tweaking the design so that the finished necklace can be used as a glasses chain. If you dont want to use Pandora glass beads as ‘ends for the lariat, you can use them as a sliding clasp that determines how large the top loop is instead. Lariats are an almost infinitely customizable design for jewellers and beaders, and they give you a great deal of creative freedom.

The best way to do this is probably to use either a headpin with another bead below the Pandora glass beads thats big enough to ‘catch it, or by using a slipknot to hang the bead from a piece of cord that you can then attach to an ear wire. Remember that the two Pandora glass beads dont have to match exactly contrasting earrings is a good look that adds a bit of fun and interest to any outfit. If you use the right kinds of findings, you can even maintain the spirit of Pandora beads by making the earrings customizable and this way you can include a bunch of options with each pair!

By looking for a necklace-length snake chain of a similar gauge to the one used for Pandora bracelets, youll be able to make yourself a pretty charm necklace that you can then customise to your hearts description. This is a lovely twist on the Pandora charm bracelet theme, and one that is certain to garner compliments and attention. Its a new way of doing something that got so popular as to be a little tired, and thats always an excellent fashion goal to have.

With a little modification, some of the Pandora glass beads frames and forms available the solid bracelets, for example can be made into keyrings that you can change the beads on as the mood takes you. This means that you could make sure your keyrings always match your handbag, for example, if youre someone who switches bags a lot. You might need to be a little careful when making these, but once theyre done youll have a lot of fun introducing new versatility to something that is otherwise a very standardised part of most womens lives. has a large selection of pandora glass beads to choose from!

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