Give Your Jewelry Clasps a Fine Look with Trendy Pandora Glass Beads

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Pandora glass beads are stylish beads. Over the years they have a gained a lot of popularity with jewelry makers going for them. They are rather different from any other variety of beads. They have an impressive appearance and are larger as compared to other beads. They are easy to use in any beadwork since they have a large hole at the centre. They are used for making bracelets, neck laces and if you wish you can incorporate them on the jewelry clasps as an add-on to your chain or necklace.

Just like any other drops or beads, they come in different colors, shapes and sizes. They are perfect option to be worn in grand events such as weddings or proms. Jewelry Clasps sometimes lack the fashion touch. If you can add Pandora glass beads on them they will stop being functional and make up your bracelet or neck lace to stand out.

How to Incorporate Pandora Glass Beads on a Clasp

• Open up your necklace or bracelet, by opening the clasp. Jewelry clasps come in different types and each has a unique locking system. Depending on the type of the clasp that you have, pull it or press it open. Remove the free end of the chain from the fastener.

• Through the groove provided, pass the loose end of the chain till it reaches the other side where the clasp is tacked. You can put any type of bead but Murano glass beads are amazing.

• You will need something to wire wrap your bead onto the end with the clasp, to prevent it from sliding along the whole chain. A nose chain plier will come in handy to fold for twisting the wire a little bit to restrict the bead. However, be cautious not to break it since they are slightly delicate.

• Close your chain, and now you can wear it to any occasion. You will not avoid unexpected gazes from the people that you meet.

What to Look for while Buying European Style Beads

Whatever platform you choose to shop for these trendy beads, the following tips will help you in your chase for the perfect ones.

Speculate on the beads

It is always good to get value for what you purchase. Look out for any manufacturing flaws; even the tiniest dent may spoil the beauty of a worthy drop. Ensure that the ones that you pick have no smearing or smudging finishes.

Look at the holes

Pandora glass beads come with grooves at the centre. These holes are an important aspect for beadwork projects. If a bead does not have a groove you should not buy it since it will not be useful. There should be a metal core in place which should be even in width through out to the other side of the bead.

Cut of the bead

The beads come with various shapes and designs. Ensure that they are evenly and finely cut to prevent any injury or worse still tearing your expensive outfit. In addition, look at the colors know whether they are in-blend or they can fade with time.

Does it suit your jewelry piece?

It is important for you to select Pandora glass beads that will match with your jewelry clasps. Check on the colors lest they contrast your whole necklace or bracelet. They are designed to blend in hence, always avoid buying the ones that do not match.

The author has been in the fashion industry for a long time and knows the power behind Pandora glass beads. She also knows that without the right jewelry clasps, the effort to look good would be fruitless.

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