How to Make a Beautiful Beaded Bracelet with Pandora Glass Beads and Pearl Beads

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A valuable bracelet will cost you quite a lot. At any one given time, you might have bought a jewelry piece and thought that it would have looked a little much better with a few additions. If you love fashion it would be good if you start designing your own pieces. Pearl beads are lovely and they raise good instincts any time you set eyes on them. Likewise, the trendy Pandora glass beads that come in different shapes and sizes can be good components to jewelry.

Mostly, pearl beads are used on both jewelry and on clothes such as wedding gowns. They are sparkling and reflect light wonderfully. Just by looking at them, you would mistake them with fresh edible berries. When used in bracelets they make them more attractive. The Pandora glass beads are a bit larger and they are exemplary good to look at. These two combined may make a wonderful piece. Here are steps that you can follow to make a casual bracelet right from the confines of your home using the two varieties of beads. The process will allow you to put your creativity to task. This is something that you can do over the weekend and for the enterprisers, this is a perfect business idea.

The Method of Making a Beaded Bracelet

1. Here is what you will require: a brass wire, a brass lobster clasp, a pink chain, jump rings, small size white pearl beads and Murano baby pink Pandora glass beads. When you will be shopping for the beads, look for the circular ones and ensure that they all have grooves. For the colors, you can choose your favorite colors so as they blend.

2. First, take a piece of wire and fit it around your wrist to make sure that it fits perfectly. Add an extra strip to allow for the folding that will be made in the process. On one end of the wire attach one jump ring at wrap around the wire on it several times. Place the lobster clasp on the other side of the wire and ensure that you wrap the wire on it severally.

3. The process involves the art of weaving the wire with the pearl beads into your chain; it is very simple. Enter the wire holding the first loop of the chain and pull it till the jump ring is firmly placed at the end. Thread one pearl bead followed by the European style bead ensuring that each link of the chain carries a bead. You are supposed to do it alternately as you weave in the brass wire. Mostly, a standard lady bracelet will require about 15 links but this will depend on the size of the beads used.

4. When you have attached all the Pandora glass beads, run the excess wire around the loop of the last link until it is firm. This will help to prevent the beads from separating and getting lost.

5. Your bracelet is now ready, but just before you tests how the piece will look on your hand, attach the lobster clasp using one jump ring.

As you can see, the pearl beads and Pandora glass beads can be mixed to make a jewelry piece that is more attractive and one that will not cost you a lot of money. Save your cash by giving the chains in your jewelry box a glamorous look.

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