The Sparkling Nature of Glass Beads

The magnificent sparkle of glass beads is one of the attributes that make these beads so popular today. These beads are highly versatile than you might imagine and you can use them to make lots of things such as jewelry, clothes, decorations, shoes and many other accessories. It is no secret that most people are always attracted by the twinkling nature of these beads and this explains the increasing popularity of these beads. In addition, it is worthy noting that these beads are a much low cost alternative compared to the precious and semi- precious gemstones which are known to be very costly and thus not always a viable option for many people.

Why glass beads sparkle?

If you take a look at glass beads, you really can’t help but winder the main reason behind the sparkling of these beads. Ideally speaking, simple science explains why these beads sparkle and as you will soon realize, there is nothing really complicated about this. When light happens to hit the bead surface, it is going to be reflected and also refracted in different ways unlike what happens when light hits a matt or plastic object. The unique reflection and refraction of the glass will however depend on specific color as well as style of beads. This kind of sparkling makes these beads very attractive to the eye and the reason why many people opt for them.

Types of glass beads

Glass beads come in two main types, i.e. the faceted and smooth glass beads. The smooth beads are known for their ability of producing more subtle twinkling but the faceted beads tend to produce a more wonderful sparkle when the light hits on them. These smooth beads are highly recommended for the everyday wear and on the other hard, faceted beads appear very spectacular in nature and wearing them on that evening out is something you ought to consider. The wonderful sparkle produced by these beads is something that you really can’t help but fall in love with.

Taking good care of glass beads is of paramount importance as this helps ensure that they continue producing their sparkle for a considerably long period of time. In this regard, it is highly advisable that you keep your beads free from impurities such as oil or grease as this can seriously affect the reflection of light on them. In addition to this, it is a good idea that you polish the beads carefully using a soft and completely dry cloth. Avoid using cleaning products to wipe off the beads since some of these products might have a chemical reaction that scratches the glass while making the sparkle dull. Buying good quality beads is recommended as they are able to resist scratch even when used in a harsh environment.

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Author: Aronno Bhowmick