Buying Wholesale Glass Beads to Decorate Your Home

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Once you have succeeded in owning your own home, the next thing you need to think about is how to decorate the place and make it outstanding. A great way of making your property unique and awesomely beautiful is by customization of the existing fittings and fixtures as well as buying low cost craft accessories such as glass beads and jazzing up all over the place. With these beads, you will be amazed at the many different items that you can decorate with them. The whole thing can be quite fun especially if you involve the services of your children and friends to help you complete the project.

Filling glass jars with the glass beads

One of the ways in which you can use the glass beads for decorating your house is by filling some of your glass jars with some colored beads. Actually this is something that many people have been doing and it has definitely been able to yield some awesomely good results. By putting these beads together, this will contribute greatly towards giving them a more vivid color. This is something that you can do simply by layering the different colors of beads together and you can use your creativity to make some interesting patterns. However, considering the fragile nature of these beads, you will need to ensure that you use some other hard beads at the bottom rest they are crushed by the weight.

Personalizing lampshades

Alternatively, you can use glass beads to personalize lampshades and you can be sure that they will yield amazing results. The great benefit of doing this is that you can turn a cheap lampshade into an amazing piece of art that everyone will certainly be thrilled with. This will help you customize your lampshades in the best way possible. You will however need to make the best choices on colors and choose those that are going to enhance the present color of your lampshade. Once you turn on the lampshade, the beads are going to refract and reflect light coming from the bulb thus resulting in some beautiful colored light.

Make bead hangings

The final way in which glass beads can be used for decorating the house is by making hangings in the doorways. The best places to put these hangings are across your patio door and between rooms. Make sure that you hang them at a strategic place in your house where the light is coming through and you will be amazed by the pleasant sparkle that they will add to the room. Hang some beads also for your bead curtains and make some unique patterns and this will make your house incredibly powerful and attractive.

The main benefit of using glass beads for home decoration is that besides being incredibly beautiful, they are also very cheap and affordable. Buy these beads online at and get amazing offers. You will also find lots of other beads that you can use for your other projects as well.

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