Different Types of Glass Beads You Can Use in Jewelry Design

Glass beads from Panda Hall are versatile jewelry design materials for any jewelry maker to use. They are widely used by designers to come up with simple, yet amazing and eye catching pieces. Beads made of glass have been in use since ancient times and come in a variety of forms, colors, shapes and sizes. They provide a variety that any designer can work with because they are found in a number of variations. There are crystal beads, lamp work beads, glass pearl beads and many other beads from made out of glass from pandahall that can be used to make amazing creations.

Glass beads available in different colors

When looking for glass beads for your project, you will find that they are categorized according to the method used to create them. There are drawn beads, wound beads and molded beads. Normally, the variety of these beads makes for interesting designs and you will find that most jewelry makers do not just have a single type of glass bead in their cabinets. The more colors and varieties available, the more intricate and unique designs that one can come up with.
Lamp work beads are popular among designers. They are formed by heating glass over a flame or lamp and forming the melting glass into a variety of textures and shapes. They are available in different forms from dot formations to flowers and even swirls. The more creative the beads creator, the greater the uniqueness of the resulting glass beads will be.

Get dichroic beads for your jewelry supplies cabinet

If you are a lover of color, then dichroic beads from Pandahall are a good option for you. These glass beads usually come in colors that look like rainbows. The term dichroic refers to two colors. Normally, glass of different colors is manipulated during the making of the beads to come up with amazing rainbow variations. These beads are available in a variety of shapes such as cylinders, circles and squares among others that can be used to make a variety of jewelry pieces. In addition, they can be used to decorate clothes or in-house décor, the list of things you can do with these beads is endless.

Glass beads are used a lot by jewelry makers, clothes designers and even home décor experts. For example, when making faux jewelry, you will find that a variety of glass beads known as glass pearls is in high demand. It is basically pearl-like beads made using a fine glass base and the beads are then treated with various surface treatments to give a great appearance. You will find these beads in silver, white, cream or coral pink and in shapes such as drops, ovals and faceted shapes. As you can see, with glass beads, you can never go wrong.

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Author: Aronno Bhowmick