5 Ways To Use Plastic Beads With Your Children

If you make jewelry, chances are that you have some extra plastic beads lying around that are simply leftover from previous projects. Instead of throwing these out or never using them, they can actually be a great way to get your children interested in jewelry making. If you love this craft, chances are they will too and when they grow older, you may even be able to make jewelry together. Here are some of the ways you can use these leftover beads with your children and get them interested in crafting.

Make Basic Jewelry
The most obvious idea for using plastic beads with your children is to make jewelry. In most cases, kids wont be very particular about what colors they use (especially if they are young) so they wont mind using your leftover beads. This can also be a great way for them to “be like mom” as you can sit and work on one of your more advanced projects while they make a similar item with “their beads.”

Make Jewelry Together
If your child is a bit older and has already mastered the basics of making a necklace by stringing the beads on a piece of elastic, ribbon, metal or other material, you can always make something together with them for some bonding time. This can be something a bit more advanced that maybe requires different types of plastic beads or other materials. You can even have them help you with your project by doing a simple part of it. If for example you are doing wirework that involves a few beads, why not have them string the beads on for you?

Make Bookmarks
Although they arent jewelry, you can also have your child use beads to make a pretty bookmark. This is a great way to encourage them to read and get them interested in crafting at the same time. The great thing about stringing plastic beads to make a bookmark is that it is the same technique as making a bracelet or necklace, so it may get them interested in making those items as well.

Make Mobiles Or Decorations
Another great craft to do with your child using plastic beads is making a mobile or other decoration for their room. As with bookmarks, the basic technique is the same as making jewelry so it is a great way to get your kids interested. Even better, they will see the decoration or mobile every time they go in their room and be reminded of how much fun they had, increasing their interest in making jewelry with you.

Other Crafts
If you want to get your child interested in making jewelry with you, stringing the beads is probably the best option. Despite this, it is not the only way to use your leftover beads and bond with your child. You can also add them to other crafts such as gluing them onto drawings or paintings, sewing them onto a piece of clothing or sticking them in modeling clay. The possibilities are endless and once your child finds one craft they enjoy doing with beads, they may look for another, giving you an opening to show them how to make jewelry.

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