Magical Jewelry with Tiger Eye Beads

Polishing is done to tiger eye beads to ensure that their pearly luminescence characteristic stripes are visible. These stripes are a result of light reflecting off a thin parallel inclusion in the quartz. The name is derived from the bands that are very similar to a tigers eye; the colors available range from red tiger eye to dark brown to golden-yellow.
Tiger eye is good for anyone who is very concerned about their health. It has a positive energy that develops inner-strength and will power. Traditionally it was used in the healing of wounds on the feet, lower legs and eyes and it was also used to deal with stomach and digestion problems. The tigers eye is also said to be a source of psychic protections and spiritual well-being. It is also said to attract abundance and beauty.
Apart from attracting wealth, the tigers eye is also believed to help one keep their money by allowing them to take into account all factors such as reducing wastefulness and greed. It is a great gemstone for any person who is under stress or tired as it enhances clarity of thought and is also very relaxing.
For many centuries now, tiger eye has been in use. Roman soldiers used it for protection as they believed that the stone seemed to see more than the human eye.
There are a number of people who believe that the benefits that come with the tiger eye relate to the tiger itself. The stone is believed to bring determination, courage, clear sight, strength, balance and focus. It is just the appropriate stone to help you concentrate on a certain life goal. The stone is believed to give one the necessary patience, just like a tier has when it sis waiting to pounce on its prey, to plan a project or a new life direction.
Tigers eye is a type of natural bead. These natural beads have been known to make jewelry much more exciting. The golden brown luminescent bands bring mystique to any design created with it developing a classical African effect. This gemstone will not cost you a lot of money and there is a wide range of sizes and shapes to choose from. You can get it either by the strand or as loose beads. To give your jewelry that expensive look, you can choose to blend it with silver findings or set it in silver.

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