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Who said you need to wear slacks suit? Need tie, blazer etc …
Not quite. At least it is not always so.

The slacks can be used smoothly with no tie, blazer or even shirt. She wears well with shirts and polos, for example. That’s cool for men who like to vary a bit, leaving the jeans every day.

No need to fear, are those tailored pants even. They can combine very well, forming a neat visual or even a more relaxed. Again that hint worth ‘stealing color’ in some other part of the costume, to facilitate the ultimate combination. Speaking of colors, you can dare a little more, choosing colored pants, which give a more differentiated pro set yet.

It is good to pay attention to the size and cut pant while maintaining the nearest slim-fit. Not too tight and not as wide.

Remember when espadrilles were a thing of the gaucho countryside? Those who wear breeches, hat and neckerchief.
Well, it still is. But it is also something for the city man.

The sneakers are a great choice for summer. Are tidier than slippers and more comfortable than shoes. Perpetuated by our hermanos Argentines, they adapt very well to the visual.

The colors are varied and also soles. The most traditional ones are brown, black and white. And the soles are those strings, almost handmade.

But they have evolved and nowadays there alpargata stamped, almost like models of Hawaiian slippers. Their soles became rubber, which makes them last longer slip less.

It is very easy to use. Always without socks, they can be used for pants, shorts, and (of course) knickers. Here goes again the hint of ‘stealing color’: use some piece of clothing that has the same color alpargata to avoid a “festival of colors”. is professional in tailor made suits ,exclusive designed,full canvas made to measure suits Top quality men suits-choose us and believe us. This article is copyright free.

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