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So let them on the basis of only a little guide for your summer 2009:

Silhouette: more comfortable, usually with wider pants and tops more fitted, with still room for a silhouette or all sequinha amplinha same.
Colors: white (total or accompanied), white with black, gray, brown with touches of yellow, blue, green, oranges more alive to the coral to red.
Prints / patterns: stripes horizontal (or vertical), checked softer (or not), op art, floral, ethnic, tie-dyes. Mixing prints is another trend.
Some transparencies (in the top), if you want to face this …
Details on how moldurinhas pieces here and there.
Pants and shorts more comfortable, with or without the horse lower utility (positions which are those with pockets everywhere); sequinhas pants are not sticky but Comfies medidad as possible in the visual. Give that basic coiled bars of pants and shorts still IN.
Jeans and sequinhos without adesivar, some being more “misfits”, highlighting the white or light blues.
Indecent shorts or shorts above the knee and most decent, everything sequinho or sequésimo.
Shirts or shirts with some detail or print.
Bib overalls and comfortable.
White waistcoats or clarinhos or some pattern. Tailoring or more sports or bottom of the sweater vest.
And speaking of tailoring … it remains high, more relaxed and perhaps also with the option of such suits shorts / shorts, which are plain or with prints / patterns.
Cardis more levinhos and softer colors or earthy.
Scarves / stoles veranescos.
Hats or caps are still an option. Ditto for manbags.
Engravatadas informal.
To the beach … has a bit of everything with sunguinhas minimum, the old sungões, shorts indecent and / or adhesives. It also has the surfer sequinhos bermudas, but nothing adhesives, they never smooth but patterned. In fact, whatever your choice, if you want to stay within the mood of the season bet on parts with some pattern (carts to floral or gradients), detail how moldurinhas, belts or buttons or even the colors of the season.
Feet … good feet, I saw nothing not super, but stay with high-top sneakers, sneakers / espadrilles and who knows, the sandis gladiator.
If the chill hit the “coat” to have is perfecto jacket. But it will have to be affected by El Nino breezes seriously because leather is the Brazilian summer … dose.

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