In this review we are giving you an in depth look into what this fantastic little smartphone has to offer, as well as addressing the question of who exactly this device is aimed at. This is one of the best budget deals on the market, so read on to find out whether the Galaxy Ace is for you.

Why Read a Samsung Galaxy Ace Review?
We presume that you have come here because you are looking for more information about this device, and a Samsung Galaxy Ace review certainly seems the right place to start if you are interested in getting your hands on a decent budget smartphone. Why consider the Galaxy Ace? Let us try and sell it to you.

The Galaxy Ace is not the newest phone on the market, and yet mobile operators are still offering great contract deals on it. Why is that? Quite simply it is because the Galaxy Ace is a stunning little phone which manages to pack a fair punch for a device which is going to cost you under £150.

Despite plenty of newer options on shelves, the Galaxy Ace is still one of the best budget devices which you can buy, and that means that it is going to appeal to a wide range of customers. We will get to who this model is aimed at in a moment, but first, let us see what the Samsung Galaxy Ace has to offer in terms of specs and features.

What You Get for Your Cash
When you are looking to evaluate how good a mobile phone is, you are really looking at four key areas. You want to know about power, screen specs, camera specs and internal memory. These are the four factors which most impact your phone’s performance; therefore they are the most important specs which you should be looking at.

When it comes to power, the Galaxy Ace has enough to get the job done. It is a single core, 800 MHz processor model, and it runs 278 MB of RAM. No, it is not the snappiest phone on the market, but for a budget device that is a fair amount of power, and for the average phone user, you will find the Ace more than fast enough for the kind of everyday tasks you require of it.

Moving on to the screen, it is only a three and a half inch display model. That is a little small, but on the other hand it does mean that the Galaxy Ace itself is small and portable. The screen is Gorilla Glass, so it is tough, there should be no real damage should you accidentally drop the phone, and it has nice resolution too, giving a clear and bright picture.

Cameras are becoming more and more important on budget phones, since these specs are usually the first to suffer when manufacturers are trying to cut costs. The Galaxy Ace gets a 5 MP camera, which is great compared to some of the 3 MP camera models in the budget range. You get an LED flash too, which is always a good feature to have.

Internal memory on the Galaxy Ace is terrible, if we are to be totally honest. There is only a minuscule 158 MB of built in storage. Do not dismiss the Galaxy yet though. On top of this you do get a Micro SD card slot and can therefore add up to 32 GB of extra memory, and you will get 2 GB of memory included when you buy the Galaxy Ace. Read a full list of features for the phone here.

How Much You Will Spend
SIM free you will spend around £120 on the Samsung Galaxy Ace. That is a pretty good deal for a budget phone, especially considering the nice specs which you are getting for your cash.

Contract phone wise you can get some excellent deals on the Ace. The cheapest is with Talk Mobile, where you will be paying only £7.50 per month on a plan which will include one hundred calling minutes, three thousand texts and a 250 MB mobile data allowance.

If you are willing to pay a little more, for £8.50 per month you are going to be able to increase that calling plan to one hundred minutes, five thousand texts and a much larger 500 MB mobile data limit.

Who is the Galaxy Ace Aimed At?
The rather obvious answer to this question is pretty much anyone who is looking to buy a great phone without breaking the bank. There are a couple of groups of users who will most benefit from the Galaxy Ace though.

The first of these are children or young teens. The Samsung Galaxy Ace is a perfect first phone for a young user. It combines good specs and performance with a sturdy plastic body and tough screen, making a phone which is both functional and robust, so you do not need to worry about knocks and drops. The low price tag is appealing too, since you are not going to want to spend too much on a phone for a younger user who may easily lose their device.

The second group of users who can benefit from the Ace are budget buyers. Maybe you are looking for a cheap replacement phone whilst you are waiting for your mobile contract to end when you can get a better upgrade. Maybe you are looking for a second device on which to run a personal SIM card as opposed to using your high end business phone all the time. Frequent travellers might benefit from a budget phone to run a cheap local SIM card and avoid mobile roaming fees.

Whatever the reason is for your budget restrictions, the Samsung Galaxy Ace is going to give you some nice performance and features for what is a ridiculously low price. Whether you are buying a phone for a child, or need a cheap replacement or second mobile, the Samsung Galaxy Ace is going to give you everything you need and more. Check out deals on the Galaxy Ace now, you do not need to spend hundreds of pounds to get a great smartphone.

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