The Tan Suit

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Introduction to the Tan Suit

The English language has an abundance of words that all imply a light brownish-gray color. Different designers frequently use different words for the same color, or the same word for very different colors. For purposes of stylistic discussion they all behave about the same — you won’t find any set of circumstances where a “tan” suit would be appropriate but “khaki” wouldn’t be. In their most common usage the different styles of light coat break down as follows:

Tan refers to light, predominantly brown shades.

Dun refers to a darker brown than tan, sometimes with a greenish tint.

Khaki is the most dominantly yellow shade of the related colors, with little brown or gray.

Taupe is a darker color with gray tones as well as brown.
The Black Suit Introduction to the Solid Black Mens Jacket and Trouser

The black wool suit is an imposing piece of menswear: somber, formal, and dignified. Its austere severity makes it an intimidating purchase, but an invaluable addition to the right man’s wardrobe. Many men keep a black suit as their “wedding and funeral” suit, always appropriate for any serious occasion. Handling the stark color requires more attention to detail than other styles, but the striking effect of a black suit worn well is more than worth the extra effort. is professional in bespoke suit,exclusive designed,full canvas custom made suits Top quality men suits-choose us and believe us.

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