If You Need Cool and Durable Womens Shoes for Bowling Read This

Storm Bowling makes great balls no doubt about that. Proof for that is their leadership position in the market. They also make great bowling bags even though they come second right after Brunswick so its not a coincidence that Storm Bowling is known as The Bowlers Company.

One would think that theyd be a dominant player in shoes marker as well, right. As a matter of fact until 2011 the company didnt have shoes. Nevertheless in two short years they catapulted to number three.

Truth to be told I didnt expect it but am now happy that they proved me wrong. In this post I want to review their awesome line of womens bowling shoes.

The first one is Storm Windy. It selld for only $58.99 and as the price suggests its a shoe for beginners. The Windy has a synthetic upper, U-throat upper pattern, rubber push-off sole as well as non-marking rubber outsole with defined heel. I personally think for the money this is a great shoe but if you cant afford to spend that kind of money I would suggest you look at Brunswicks line of bowling shoes.

If for some reason you dont like the Windy for the same money you can get Storm Cloud. It is available in one color white/lite blue only. It has s8 slide soles and heels on both shoes, two piece rubber outsole, blown EVA midsole and synthetic upper.

The next one is Storm Electra that sells for $69.99. I love how the color of the shoe white/grape starstone/yellow sounds. Is it mouthful of what? As with the previous three shoes the Electra has a synthetic upper, blown EVA midsole, two piece rubber outsole, fixed S8 slide soles and heels on both shoes.

For the same amount if you do not like the Electra you can buy Storm Mariah. The only difference between the two is the design. This one is available in white/hot pink color only.

The Bowlers Company has a shoe for the pros among you, the people who go to tournaments or bowl a couple times a week. For them it came up with SP2 602. The shoe is available in white/black/pink and goes for $139.99 online.

Unlike all the aforementioned shoes the SP2 602 has a full-grain leather upper as opposed to synthetic upper. That alone makes it look stylish. It also has interchangeable sole/heel system as well as s8 sole and h5 saw tooth heel.

The top shoe in the 2013 line is Storm SP2 601. Online it sells for $159.99.

As you can guess a shoe that sells for that amount has to be comfortable, durable and look good. The SP2 601 is all that and is really a great shoe. One that only Storm could make.

If I managed to pick your curiosity and if you want to find out more about the shoes in this article or want to buy one what youre about to read is going to save you a lot of money. If your urge is to check out Amazon, Ebay or any of the popular sites in the bowling niche dont because 90% of the time you are paying more than you should.

A few months ago I found a new web site for bowling gear balls, shoes and bowling bags. The prices were rock-bottom and if that isnt enough it offers free two way shipping (in case you want to return an item) and additional year of warranty free of charge.

With that being said go to LongLiveBowling.com and check out their line of Storm women’s shoes. While on the site check out the latest blog entry on Storm women’s shoes.

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