Cool Shoes for Bowling from Dexter

Fact Dexter is the largest manufacturer of shoes for bowling in the US. Its true as of today but will probably not be true a year from now because of the heated competition from Storm and Brunswick who are the number 2 and 3 respectively.

This past June I attended Bowl Expo in Las Vegas where I got a hold of their latest shoe catalog which is very professional by the way. What took me by surprise was the fact that their shoes were endorsed by the likes of Shannon OKeefe and Mike Koivuniemi

Dexter has a line of shoes for men, women, and youth bowlers as well as shoes that can be worn from both genders (unisex). Thats a lot of shoes if you ask me. In the article below Ill shortly describe each type and in following articles will review each shoe in more details.

Ok, so the mens line of shoes has 15 styles: SST 8, SST 6 LZ, SST 8 SE, SST 5 LX, SST 1, Fred, Zig Zag, Pro AM II, Dale, Seth, Jeff II, Jason IV, Jack, V-Strap and Ricky III.

Of all fifteen styles mens shoes 11 are in dark colors and only four are white which I think is a a big minus for Dexter. What I think is a plus though is the wide price range. The cheapest Dexter shoes sell for $35.99 and the most expensive ones for as much as $149.99.

Dexters line of womens shoes consists of 9 models which again is a lot. Color wise the choice is limited between shoes primarily in black and white which is a disadvantage. However the good news is that with prices between $34.99 and $149.99 every bowler can get a pair.

Similar to Storm and Brunswick and Dexter backs its shoes with a year of limited warranty. Thats not a in my book and the warranty is only in case of a craftsmanship issue.

However, there is a way to get more for your money. Theres a web site that offers 1 year warranty on all Dexter shoes in addition to Dexters original one.

That means that you purchase any Dexter shoes from them you have one full year to return them if you dont like them for any reason or no reason at all and get your money back (restrictions apply). Whats more you get free shipping both ways if you want to return the shoes for whatever reason.

In that case will pay for you to have the shoes shipped back to their warehouses and let me tell you something no other website offers that. What they offer is a restocking fee of 15% that you have to pay.

If youre thinking to yourself that this sounds too good to be true you are wrong and here is why. is a young company that hasnt established itself yet in the marketplace. To do that they need to differentiate from the big boys in this business to attract clients and generous terms are their way of doing it.

My guts tell me that their approach to business might pay off in spades. In this economy everyone wants to stretch their dollar and this is exactly what gives them. When they have more clients they could serve I think theyll become just another big dumb website thats concerned more about their bank account than their customers.

For that reason alone I want to encourage you to check out right now. As an unadvertised bonus youll have a chance to ask the owner of the website and also happens to be a U.S. Bowling Team Coach your bowling related questions and get answers from him completely free of charge. And this is another thing no other site offers. The owner Sean Klug has been in bowling for more than forty years as a bowler, pro shop owner and operator and US Bowling Team Coach so he knows a thing or two about bowling and bowling product

So what are you waiting for head on to to check out all bowling shoes by Dexter. While on the site check out also the Dexter shoes blog review.

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