The New 2013 Line of Bowling Shoes from Brunswick You Need to See it to Believe it

Recently I saw a Brunswick ad in Bowlers Journal that said that B in Brunswick stands for bowling and I actually believe that. Where I live they have bowling centers everywhere. Actually, every time I think about bowling I think about Brunswick as well.

For all that time they have been making bags and balls but they just recently started making and selling shoes.

For many years Dexter was the synonym of bowling shoes but 2 years ago Brunswick changed that and now are the second manufacturers of bowling shoes in the States.

I can talk for hours about the history of bowling shoes in the US but will not do it because I want to discuss the pros and cons of the latest line of Brunswick shoes.

Needles to say Brunswick makes shoes for men, women and children.

The bowling shoes are for both novice and mid-level bowlers. As of now they dont have a high end shoe but the rumor is theyve been busy working on that and will offer at least one in 2014.

What they currently offer is 6 styles of bowling shoes for men. With the exception of 1 style all others are either black or white.

Brunswick also offers 6 styles of womens shoes. Colors are more feminine light blue, pink and purple as well as the classic white shoes.

And last but not least for the young bowlers Brunswick has one type of shoes that come in black and white color.

If you are wondering why you should choose Brunswick over Dexter or Storm, for example, heres why. Brunswicks shoes slide out of the box unlike their competitors shoes. That means that you do not have to waste time to break them. In my mind thats a compelling reason to choose Brunswick.

I know what your next question will be how much they cost. I was asking myself the same question and was pleasantly surprised to find out that their prices are in line with those of their competitors. I think its a mistake but that is their decision. Id encourage you to snatch a pair before the guys at Brunswick decide to raise their prices once they become the dominant player.

Brunswick shoes also have something called MAP pricing this is the minimum price shoes can be sold for.

In simple words that means that a pair of bowling shoes can not be sold for less than a pre-determined price.

For the end consumers like you and me it means that we will pay the same price at the local proshop as well as on line. The only difference is if you purchase online you will not have to pay sales tax. Talking about buying online check out what has to offer low prices and free shipping.

In addition to free shipping both ways also offers limited 1 year warranty so if you dont like the shoes you can send them back to them for a full refund.

So what you are waiting for visit to check out the new line of Brunswick bowling shoes for men and Brunswick womens bowling shoes.

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