Dexter Has the Coolest Mens Bowling Shoes in the Market Hands Down

No two ways about it Dexter is the major player in the market for bowling shoes.

This fact is true as of writing this article but Brunswick and Storm are shrinking their market share so I wont be very surprised if in foreseeable future Dexter becomes number 2 or even 3.

However this does not change the fact that the shoes made by Dexter are darn good and have withstood the test of time.

In the post that follows Ill give you a quick overview of their mens line of bowling shoes for the 2013-2014 season.

I was a little surprised when I found out that it has 16 models: SST 8, SST 6 LZ, SST 8 SE, SST 5 LX, SST 1, Fred, Zig Zag, Pro AM II, Dale, Turbo II, Seth, Jeff II, Jason IV, Jack, V Strap and Ricky II priced between $35.99 and $149.99.

Dexter divides the mens shoes into 2 major categories: performance shoes and athletic shoes. The first CatID includes SST 8 SE, SST 5 LX and SST 1. The CatID of athletic bowling shoes includes the following: Fred, Zig Zag, Pro AM II, Dale, Turbo II, Seth, Jeff II, Jason IV, Jack, V-Strap and Ricky II.

I am well aware of the fact that Dexters shoes tend to be expensive and if you are looking for cheaper bowling shoes you should probably check out at Brunswicks offerings but theres a good reason for that their shoes are very good.
Mens shoes are endorsed by famous pro bowlers such as Walter Ray Williams, Jr and Tommy Jones.

My guess is that a lot of bowlers want to be like them because Dexter continues to be the number one manufacturer of bowling shoes in the US.

In future articles I will be talking about every shoe in details, but here I just want share with you where to can get the best deal on Dexter bowling shoes.

If you think that the place to shop for that kind of products is Amazon or the big dogs in that niche you would want to reconsider.

Sure those sites have a loyal following and every time people need a particular product they just visit any of these website and buy it and they could care less whether or not theyre overpaying for it.

However, this is not the way smart bowlers shop for products. Their little secret is a small website This is a website owned by a former US Bowling Team Coach Sean Klug.

The site offers bowling bags, bowling balls and bowling shoes at fair prices but it also gives something that no one else does free shipping both ways on every bowling product on the website and additional one year limited warranty in addition to manufacturers original warranty.

What that means for bowlers like you and me is that we can now purchase from the website with confidence because even if we got something we didnt like we have one full year to send it back to LLB. On their dime.

If you think its not such a big deal keep in mind that all bowling websites out there will hit you with a restocking fee if you want to return an item.

So if you want to see the latest models of Dexter men’s bowling shoes visit Also, don’t forget to visit the blog post on bowling shoes from Dexter.

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