Extending the Battery Life of Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Ever since phones became capable of being used for data or the internet, there has been one standing problem that cuts across all phone models and across all phone brands, poor battery life. If you start using the internet continuously, it could be as short as two hours. The Samsung Galaxy S3 price is affordable enough and the features are powerful enough to make it an efficient internet device. However, the battery life is just like any other android phone. The 5.3” screen could very well be the culprit plus the use of the processor.
Luckily, there are ways to extend your Samsung Galaxy S3s battery life. All it takes is a few taps here and there and you will be able to double your phones active use time.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Price and Its Battery Life
Samsung Galaxy S3 is known for its affordable price. Unfortunately, it doesnt live up to the promise of its battery lasting all day. There isnt much you can do about the quality of the battery but you can do some things that will make the battery last longer.

Start by determining the things you do that consume your battery life the most. First, go to SETTINGS. Click BATTERY. You should get an account on how long your battery is supposed to last plus how much battery your apps are consuming.
When you have this information, you will get an idea on which apps you should stop using when you are running out.

Start with the LTE
Depending on the carrier, you may or may not be able to turn off the LTE. If you happen to have a carrier that doesn’t allow the LTE to be turned off, you would need to do some hacks. Its simple. Just go ahead and Google how to do it.

Go back to your Prognosis
Remember the first step is to know which features and apps use up most of your battery life. These are some of the apps that usually take up most of your battery life:

Video Call
Screen background

Turn off all those features. You can also go back to the accounts of the features you checked earlier. Those that are sucking your battery life, turn them all off.

Lower your display requirement
There are several things that could lower your display your requirement.
1. Use a black and white background screen. Dont use anything that is animated.
2. LED uses up a lot battery. It has a lot of use but you can turn it back on after you get through your battery crisis.
3. Lower the brightness of the screen. You can set it to automatic so that only when it is needed will it go bright or set it all the way down manually so that its just low all the time.
4. Set the timeout to 30 seconds or one minute so that you dont use any battery when you dont need to.

Ditch Location Apps
Location apps take up a lot of your battery because the app constantly talks to the internet. Ditch it for now.

Apps that use location services such as Facebook, Tumblr and others actually take up a lot of your battery. So, avoid them. However, there are a number of apps that can actually help you extend the life of your battery.
Look through the apps

Here is how you can get some apps that will help you conserve battery. Set up a customized mode that will allow you to put apps of your choice in a folder on the home screen.

Then go to APPS and look for the ones that will help you save battery. Theres one called GREENPOWER. It is not free but it is a huge help. You will still need to set it up and configure it so that it turns off your use of power when you dont need it but it is pretty effective.

If you dont have money for it, go and check out FREE APPS.

Extra Battery
The most obvious way to make sure you never run out of battery is to have a spare battery. There are several batteries right now that can give you extended life. Samsung is offering an extended battery, at a relatively reasonable price. They claim that this will have 4 days of battery life – Maybe if you use it for texting only. However, there are reviews that claim the battery lasted 3 days even when the Wi-Fi is on. Another reviewer said he was actually using games and the internet and it lasted two days.

There are also reviews that claim Wi-Fi still sucks the battery to less than four hours.

The other option is the Mugen Extended Battery. This is best used by those who need to use NFC but if you dont need NFC, you can go and buy Hyperion which is a bit more affordable.

You can also check out ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery. It is supposedly the most powerful battery out there for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It has 7,000 mAh capacity. It is also NFC enabled which means you can continue working using certain functions such as Google Wallet.

It has the power that you need but it is also bulky. Its like having two Galaxy S3s in your pocket but it iss also not as expensive as the Mugen.

Setting up your phone to consume less of your battery would work but this will only extend your batter for a few hours. If you want something that will assure you that you will never run out of battery when you need, get an extra battery.
The ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery seems to be the best option right now. It has lasted over a day with Wi-Fi on and other apps being used. Get an extra battery and set up your customised mode.

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