The Samsung Galaxy S3 – an Ice Cream Sandwich Overview

Over the past few months many carriers have offered Samsung Galaxy 3 price cuts in anticipation of the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Initially offered off-contract at around £520, Three revealed that with a two year contract new users would pay no upfront fee for the handset when signing up for £29 per month Ultimate Internet Plan. This new low price on the S3 is fantastic news for Android lovers who couldn’t stomach the high cost when the phone was first released. Although the Galaxy S4 is just on the verge of an official release, the S3 still has plenty of longevity. Running Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich, the device is only one upgrade behind the most recent operating system release (Jelly Bean). Smart phone users are more than a little fickle when it comes to how long they are willing to hold on to a device, but even though there is a new version on the horizon, the Galaxy S3 is still very much a viable device choice.

An Argument for an “Older” Phone
Let’s start with the basics: the Galaxy S3 has a 4.8 inch screen, 720p display, weighs 133 grams and comes in two sizes – 16GB and 32GB. The powerful quad-core processor really bulks up the handset, and allows for “Pop up Play” capability, giving users the option to split their screen and take multitasking to the next level. These stats alone are enough to send consumers out to the streets to fetch the shiny “old” toy. Out for just shy of a year, the Galaxy S3 is a beautiful smart phone specimen, with a bright, crisp display and an ultra-sleek design. So why are people already over it? It’s no surprise that the release of the S4 is even more anticipated. Rumoured to have an enormous 5 inch screen and an unheard of 13 megapixel camera, the Galaxy S4 is certainly a powerhouse in its own right – not to mention that it will likely come loaded with Android’s newest operating system: Jelly Bean. Since we’re not here to speculate about the features native to the Galaxy S4, let’s stick to a review of the current operating system users will experience if they choose to take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S3 price reductions.

A Reduced Samsung Galaxy S3 Price Includes Android Ice Cream Sandwich
While not the newest Android operating system (since Jelly Bean was released), Ice Cream Sandwich packs a powerful punch for Android lovers everywhere. Android perfected multitasking in version 4.0, and the OS allows users to access recently closed applications via the tabs button on the bottom right of the screen. This handy option takes apps to the next level, and heightens productivity when swapping from a calendar entry to an email. Similarly, answering phone calls has never been more streamlined. With an option to minimize the call while browsing other apps on your device, users are able to coordinate meetings and events all while holding a conversation. If it’s voice activation you’re looking for, Ice Cream Sandwich has got it. Simply say “Call Home”, and your phone will begin dialing for you. Granted, you will have to get used to the specific voice commands native to your handset, however that trick is one that comes with operating any voice activated menu.

The system bar at the top of the display fully integrates notifications for ease of access. With the swipe of a finger, you can get a preview of text messages, emails, details of missed calls and who tagged you in which Facebook snapshot. One finger press on a notification unlocks your phone so that you can go directly to the post (or return that missed call). If you’d prefer to skip over your current notifications, simply swipe them to the side to dismiss them – they’ll be there for you to handle later on. Additionally, you can now access the camera option directly from your lock screen – simply swipe to the left instead of the right and you’re taken to the camera app without any need to first unlock your device. This little bonus is a handy tool for those moments when you don’t have time to fiddle through your apps. More good news: Android has redesigned the photo editor, giving you even more creative license to edit your favourite photos. With an improved gallery layout and more editing options, you may find yourself using your smart phone more than your actual camera.

Texting Made Simple
Android Ice Cream Sandwich comes with an improved typing system. Now the response times for key presses are shortened, and the keyboard’s sensitivity is heightened. This is superb news for email and text-happy consumers who have found that most touch screen keyboards get a tad laggy once typing speeds begin to pick up. No a huge fan of typing? Not to worry, the voice input engine is actually fairly accurate. Sure, you’ll have to practice annunciating your words a bit more (Android is not a fan of mumbles), however all in all the accuracy is quite surprising.

Should You Buy a Galaxy S3?
Forget (for now at least) about the lack of Android’s Jelly Bean, that time will come. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a superb phone now being offered at unbeatable prices. If you find yourself always holding out for the next greatest device, you may never actually dive in and purchase a new smart phone – and you should! Samsung and Android have created something beautiful with the S3; this is not to say that the rumoured Galaxy S4 won’t be even bigger and better, however you certainly can’t go wrong with this “older” model. Likewise, Ice Cream Sandwich is not the newest operating system on the market, but it is certainly filled with handy tools and settings that many Gingerbread users would kill for. So what are you waiting for? The prices on the S3 won’t last much longer (they may be disappearing as we speak), so go out and pick up Samsung’s gorgeous piece of technology.

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