Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 – A Pay-As-You-Go Bombshell

As far as cheap mobile phones are concerned, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is an all-around safe choice for the budget conscious smart phone user. Although Samsungs Galaxy S3 has gained loads of media attention in recent months, not all Android users are willing to fork over the kind of cash listed on the S3 price tag. As with any piece of technology, there are pros and cons to the Ace 2 that users should be aware of prior to purchasing the device. In this article I will attempt to cover the most important aspects customers should be aware of when considering the Galaxy Ace 2.

A Contract Free Cheap Mobile Phone
The age of multiple year contracts is upon us, and consumers are becoming more and more sceptical of latching on to one plan for longer than they may even remain in one flat. For this reason, the Galaxy Ace 2 gets fantastic reviews as a contract free mobile phone. While prices vary based on provider, a little searching on the web reveals that customers can find the Ace 2 for as low as £129.99 when purchasing the phone for use with a month-to-month plan. The perks of buying a phone off contract allow customers the free range to switch their service if they find that coverage and air time could be found at a better quality and rate elsewhere. However, if youre someone who is willing to sign on two a 2 year contract, you could become a proud owner of the Galaxy Ace 2 free of charge (excepting your monthly service fee).

Affordable, Not Dazzling
Most Android enthusiasts will agree that the Galaxy Ace 2 falls short of many design elements present in other smart phones. A throwback to the iPhone, the Ace 2 brags well-rounded corners and a screen that appears dwarfed by the thick black curved edges. Turn the phone over, and the plastic backing is revealed. When shopping for cheap mobile phones one has to be conscious of what theyre paying for: slightly below average design. You certainly will feel the bulk of the 10.5mm thick device, a hearty leap from the Galaxy S2s 8.5mm thickness. Weighing in at 122g, the Galaxy Ace 2 is a fairly hefty phone, although admittedly less than the iPhone 4S (a weight of 140g). While the Ace 2 is not sleek by any definition of the word, the overall feel is not entirely offensive. If youre looking for a reasonably priced Android phone but arent terribly picky about appearance, the Galaxy Ace 2 might just be the phone for you.

Despite the shortcomings in design, the Ave 2s screen is a vast improvement to the first Ace now boasting a 3.8 inch display with 246 pixels per inch. While that data may not be mind-boggling, it nonetheless allows for quite a crisp display.

The Nitty Gritty
And heres for the bad news: the Galaxy Ace 2 comes loaded with Gingerbread not Jelly Bean or even Ice Cream Sandwich. Its boggling that the phone is seemingly light-years behind other Android devices, and serious Android fans may find this shortcoming as the Galaxy Ace 2s fatal flaw. Many users may not even notice much of a difference between the various operating systems, and Gingerbread is perfectly usable, however it will not allow users to download Chrome for Android, which may be a bit of a buzz kill, so to speak. If youre considering purchasing the Galaxy Ace 2 and are already a Galaxy device user, you are probably familiar with the TouchWiz overlay that comes loaded on the device. Samsung pre-loads this overlay on many of its phones, and while some hardly notice it, it can be a bit staggering. TouchWiz can add a bit of lag to your device (depending on what app youre operating). Many users find that this overlay is distracting when typing, causing the keyboard to jump up and down when predictive text is turned on and suggested words pop up. Overall, TouchWiz isnt complicated to use, and it doesnt seem to weigh Android down terribly much.

Bells and Whistles
The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 comes with a 5 megapixel camera that includes an LED flash. One downside to the camera application is that there is no physical camera key, only a touch screen button. However, the camera does include a forward facing lens for video chatting, which is a bonus for a phone offered at this price point. Users have reported above average photo quality, commenting on crisp pictures with vibrant (not overly saturated) colours. Although the camera can be a tad slow, its not a bad point and shoot option as far as cell phone cameras are concerned.

As in most phones on the market, the Galaxy Ace 2 comes with a micro-USB port on the bottom of the device for both charging as well as transferring files. Additionally there is a 3.5mm headphone jack located along the top edge of the phone and a slot on the side of the device for a microSD card (in case you need to expand storage space). There are only two physical keys on the phone: a power key on the top right edge and a volume rocker on the left-hand side other than those the phone is entirely touch screen powered. At the base of the screen are three functional keys: home, back, and menu; nothing special, and the home key (once again) prevents the phone from appearing very sleek at all.

Bottom Line
If youre bargain hunter looking for a good quality Android smart phone to pair with a no-contract plan, this is the phone for you. Be prepared for an operating system that isnt up to date with other Androids on the market, and an appearance that lacks the slim, sleek feel of many higher end phones. For these reasons, the Galaxy Ace 2 is not the best choice for someone looking for a top of the line performer if that someone is you, opt for a higher end phone to fulfil your smart phone needs.


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