Nokia X3 Versus Nokia C2

With deals on the Nokia X3 on hold for the time being at least, it is time to take a look at the Nokia C2 as an alternative. What these two phones have in common are their numeric number pads, though the X3 features the Candybar design while the C2 holds its own with a slide-open key-pad. The X3 and C2 are both touch and type models, meaning they contain key-pads as well as touch screen capabilities.

The Nokia C2 is the younger cousin of the X3, with fewer megapixels in the screen as well as the camera, it is meant less to impress than to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues. With talk times nearly equal at around 5 hours, neither phone has a distinct advantage there. A major but mostly aesthetic difference is the design of the phones themselves, with the X3 having the solid, Candybar style Nokia is famous for and the C2 opting for a slide out keypad.

If it is Facebook or Twitter that has your fancy, either phone will enable you to keep your fan base apprised of whatever salient life changes you make, including phone purchases, pictures of breakfast and even preferred MPs. The most important point here is that the X3 is now on a list of phones unavailable for free with a contract, while the Nokia C2 is out there in full force on the market, free with one of many different contract options. Lets take a look at a few of these so that you might see how the C2 stacks up in the world of data, minutes and text allowances and what kind of deals you will find for a free handset.

As low as £11 a month contracts will enable you to walk away without spending anything on the handset itself, at least not the day of signing. Contract phones are often given to customers for no up-front cost, while the retailer is making money on the phone plan itself and adding a charge each month to make up for the cost of the handset. T-Mobile, Orange and O2 all offer £11 a month contracts for the C2, with differing data, text and minutes allowances.
For the £11 a month contracts for the C2, several operators have plans with differing data, text and minutes allowances

For the £11 plan, Orange offers 30 minutes of talk time, 500 text messages and 100 MB of monthly data. At the same price point, T-Mobile offers 50 talk time minutes, unlimited text messaging and 250 MB of monthly data. Again for £11 a month and a free C2, O2 will grant customers 50 monthly talk time minutes, unlimited texting, and 100 MB of data. If you are only looking to spend the minimum to get a C2 for free, then you will be looking at a rather monthly minute and data limit but all the text messaging you can stomach.

How about a Free Amazon Kindle to go with Unlimited Text Messaging and that free Phone?

For £14 a month, if you sign up with O2 for 24 months, you will receive not only 50 talk time minutes, unlimited texts and 100 MB of data but a free Amazon Kindle with Wi-Fi. While not a plan for the customer looking to spend time talking, the plan is great for students who prefer texting as their form of communication and would like to have a free Kindle for signing up.

Free Nintendo 3DS With Unlimited Text Messaging
Another contract with a free C2 and an additional treat comes from O2. They are giving out a Nintendo 3DS for contracts costing £22 a month. This plan entitles customers to 600 talk time minutes, unlimited text messaging and 750 MB of data. Still not a plan for the phone talking enthusiast, this offers a bit more freedom as it averages 20 minutes of talking each day and takes the data limit to a place where all but the serious user of mobile data is going to be comfortable, as 750 MB is double what some frequent sellers on EBay go through each month checking their accounts, and that is a group committed to updates and other data heavy processes.

Free Nintendo 3DS and £50 Cash back
The Nintendo 3DS is not the only or even the main reason to take this deal, but it sure does sweeten the pot. The cash back is nice, and covers about a month and a half of the plan, which costs £29 each month of the 24 month contract. What you get: free C2, Nintendo 3DS, £50 cash back as well as unlimited talk time minutes, unlimited text messaging, and 1 GB of monthly data. In a world of uncertainties, you can be completely sure that you wont be using more than your share of minutes or text messages, and you can be reasonably certain that you will be below 1 GB a month unless you are streaming video every hour of every day or doing data heavy projects for work on your smart phone.

£150 Cash back, Unlimited Text and Talk
Vodafones offer for £38 a month gives you access to as much talk time and texting as you need, as well as 2 GB of data for however you care to use it. Along with this deal and to sweeten the offer, Vodafone is handing back £150 for your loyalty for the 24 month contract. There is almost nowhere else to go from here, except to gain unlimited data, but wont that be a huge price bump from 2 GB?

2000 Minutes, Unlimited Text Messaging and Unlimited Data and £105 Cash back
Here is T-Mobiles answer to the £38 price range; instead of unlimited talking, customers receive 2000 minutes but unlimited data. This is the other side of the coin, for those who need the talk time minutes but prefer to use as much data as they would like while keeping the cost below £40 a month. How about unlimited everything, wont that be a stretch for the average pocket book?
Free Nokia C2, Nintendo 3DS, £200 Cash back and Unlimited Everything
Here we have arrived at the pinnacle of Nokia C2 deals. You will have a Nintendo 3DS and 200 sterling coming back to you while access to the web, texting, email and phone calls will be completely unlimited, all for a small bump in price up to £42 a month. Compare and consider, but the extra £4 a month is seemingly insignificant when one considers the plan is a buffet of minutes, texts and data.

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