The Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. The LG G2 Superior Specs Vs. High Processor Speed

Mobile phone shoppers have a difficult task these days. There are just so many great mobile phones on the market, with new ones being released all the time, that choosing between them can be an absolute nightmare. And there’s a lot at stake. A decent, top end new release is going to cost you around five hundred pounds or so, which is a pretty big investment in today’s economic climate where we’re all trying to save a bit of cash. However, a mobile isn’t really a luxury item anymore. Given how many of us depend on a cell phone for both personal and professional reasons, and how many people have already given up the extra expense of a home landline phone, a good, reliable mobile is more of a necessity. You want to know that you’re making a good investment, and since most people only shop for a new mobile around once every two years or so, you’re going to want to be satisfied with your purchase because you’re going to be living with it for some time to come. But with mobile phone spec lists and feature charts being so laden with technical jargon and big numbers it can be tough to know exactly what it is that you’re getting for your money. And that’s where we come in. We’ve looked at the specs and features on some of the newest and best mobile phones on the market. We then pit two devices in a head to head competition to see exactly how they compare and how they differ so that you can see which phone is the best buy. Interested in learning a little more about today’s contenders? Then read on to find out which mobile comes out on top…
Samsung and LG…
The Samsung Galaxy series is one of the best-selling phone ranges on the market right now. Last year, many experts considered the Samsung Galaxy S III to be the best phone on the market. So the release of the update, the Samsung Galaxy S4, was an eagerly awaited event earlier this year. It seemed impossible that Samsung could hope to have the best phone of the year once again, but at least for the time being the Galaxy S4 is a firm favourite. It’s a very high featured phone, and has some great specs. But it’s also got a hefty price tag. Is the Galaxy S4 really worth paying for? LG might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of good mobile brands, in fact you’re more likely to own an LG television than an LG phone. But in the last couple of years LG have released some great mobile devices. They do tend to stick to the middle of the road, with most of their devices being solid, mid-range phones that retail at middle market prices. However, the brand new LG G2 is a top end mobile, and it’s got some pretty good specs, at least on paper. But is LG really ready to take on mobile giant Samsung?
The Price Tag…
Finances are obviously a big issue when it comes to buying a new mobile phone, and neither of these devices will come cheap. For the Samsung Galaxy S4 you’re looking at paying a little over five hundred pounds, depending on where you buy from. If you’re looking for the best mobile network for the S4, then Vodafone will give you the device for free with a £33 a month contract. The LG G2 costs about five hundred pounds even. And if you’re looking for the best mobile network for the LG, then you’re out of luck, since no UK operator currently offers it on contract, unfortunately.
Why Choose the Samsung Galaxy S4?
The S4 does have a couple of advantages over the LG G2. It is a 4G capable device, which the LG isn’t. A 4G phone gets faster mobile internet speeds, allowing you to download and open web pages more quickly, as well as stream video more smoothly and even play high end online games. However, you’ll need to make sure that you’re under contract with a mobile operator that has a 4G network and that offers a 4G data plan, otherwise your device will simply use the older 3G mobile data connection by default. Both phones get big 13 MP in built cameras, but the camera on the Galaxy is capable of shooting high resolution full HD video, whilst that on the LG can’t. And though both the LG and the Samsung have full five inch screens, the Samsung ends up being the smaller device. It’s around ten per cent thinner and ten per cent smaller overall than the LG, and it’s also lighter, weighing in at 130 grams versus the 143 gram LG G2. So the Galaxy S4 is the more portable device, and it’s just that much easier to slide into your pocket and carry around with you all day.
Why Choose the LG G2?
These two phones are remarkably similar, though the LG G2 does have a couple of nice advantages. Firstly, it runs a faster processor than the Galaxy S4. The LG has a massive 2300 MHz processor, one of the largest and fastest on the market, as compared to the 1900 MHz processor on the Samsung. This means that not only is the LG faster and more powerful, but it’s also more responsive to user input. And the G2 also has a built in FM radio, not really a necessity these days with so many great radio apps available, but it might be nice to have.
Which is Better?
These really are both great phones, and they’re actually pretty similar. But if we have to choose one, then we’ll go for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The 4G capability really sells the S4 to us, despite the fact that the LG G2 has the faster processor. But we wouldn’t be disappointed with either of these devices.

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