32334Color Changing Nail Polish – What You Need To Know

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Women love the elegant look that is interesting as well as fashionable. It has therefore been one of their duties to make themselves prettier by boosting the natural beauty using a nail polish that is capable of changing its color depending on the environmental temperature. This color changing nail polish supplements the natural beauty and endowments in the sense that it is very fashionable. Women therefore, feel the excitement of applying the nail polish that is more fun than the regular polish because it changes into different colors within the same day.

The color changing nail polish occurs in two forms depending on how it works. The first type of this nail polish is known as thermochromic color changing nail polish. Like the name suggests, this type of color changing nail polish depends on temperature for it to change its color. The word thermo is related with matter concerning temperature. For instance, when your body is warm, a different shade of the nail polish will be seen while when the body temperature drops, a color change will take place. You should notice that it is the same nail polish that is changing depending on how warm or cold you are feeling.

Your body temperature is largely dependent on the environmental changes in temperature. Since the change in color happens with the change in temperature, this type of nail polish maintains a reversible change since the color goes back to its original color as soon as the temperature that was felt when applying is reached. Thermochromic color changing nail polish undergoes a process that involves chemicals that change the color of the nail polish relying on the environmental changes in temperature.

The other type is referred to as photochromic color changing polish which relies on the ultra violet rays tapped from the sun for it to change the color of the nail polish. The term photo is connected with the sun, a reason why the UV rays that are acquired from the sun causes the color change. When photochromic color changing nail polish is exposed to the sun, especially when there is the presence of UV rays, the nail polish changes its color to a different shade but when there is no exposure to the UV rays, the color goes back to the shade that was originally applied on the nail plate. Therefore, both photochromic and thermochromic color changing nail polish give temporary color changes because in the absence of UV rays and the rise in body temperature, the nail polish will always change to the color noted earlier.

This type of nail polish offer a fantastic deal in beautifying your nails given that they are not expensive hence affordable. They are also fun and they give the exciting feeling seeing one’s nails changing color throughout the day without applying a different nail polish. They are also available in the beauty parlors, salons and in the internet stores in a variety of shades sold according to the client’s taste and preference. It is therefore a-must-try trend since a woman gets the beautiful look that she desires. The natural endowments will greatly improve if this new trend is blended with them.

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