32334Handy Tips For Using A Color Changing Nail Polish To Enhance Your Looks

Enhancing one’s looks is a duty every woman is interested in day in day out. It is a task that is achievable as long as one chooses the quality products that cause no harm to her body. This is possible if the natural beauty is supplemented with artificial products such as using the correct color, especially on one’s nails. However, applying one color on a daily basis for around four weeks or even more can look boring and less exciting. The females who love their looks and fashion can now wear the color changing nail polish. This nail polish is a fantastic type that can change to a number of different colors within the same day. Women can easily access them because they are all over the cosmetic and beauty shops that retail and sell wholesale nail polish at fairer prices.

It is fascinating how the color changing nail polish work. These nail polishes take two forms namely; thermochromic and photochromic color changing nail polish-both sold as wholesale nail polish. Thermochromic type works in connection with the body temperature of the wearer. This means that the color of the nail polish changes with how cold or warm the lady is feeling. When one’s body is warm, a different color will be noticed on the nail. The nail polish will change into a different shade when a person’s body drops. Thermochromic color changing nail polish relies on the environmental temperature for it to change color. The color change in the nail polish is temporary since fluctuations in temperature bring it back to the previous color. This concept is dependent on a chemical process responsible for the color change per the surrounding environment.

Unlike thermochromic, that depends on natural body temperatures, photochromic color changing nail polish depends on the harmful UV rays tapped from the sun for a change in color. The term “photo” has a connection to its reliance on the sun for a color change. Just like thermochromic, this also undergoes a chemical process that results in a color change when the polish is exposed to the UV rays, made possible by the presence of a photochromic component. The color goes back to the previous one when an individual moves away from the UV rays. Therefore, the change is reversible. The changes are noticeable when the nail plate is viewed with a naked eye.

Color changing nail polish is applied in no special way than the ordinary polish. A nail polish remover is first used on the nail to ensure that the plate is free from any polish that might have been applied previously. Time is given for the remover to dry up before the base coat is applied. Two coats of the color changing polish are then applied in successive turns ensuring that the first coat is dry before the next one is applied. A top coat is then applied to make the polish shiny and to prevent chipping off faster. These nail polishes and are available as wholesale nail polish thus saves money and can be acquired from online stores such as Amazon and also in beauty shops and outlet stores such as Walmart.

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