32334The Best 3D Nails Art Designs To Watch Out For

The culture of nail art has significantly grown nowadays with many women looking to explore new and stylish nail art designs. One of the latest trends in nail art is the use of 3D nails. This kind of art is rather easy to apply and could give the best results when used the right way. If you thought that a color changing nail polish is the only key to looking great and alluring, then you are wrong. 3D nails are known to create a trippy look that could be breathtaking to look at. When looking for the best designs for your 3D nails, the following are some of the quintessential types to watch out for;

1. Matte Nail Polish integrated with Rhine Stone Spikes and Bows

This kind of nail art is usually created with a base coat, which includes matte nail polishes of two colors accompanied by sticking the 3D rhinestone Spikes and Bows among other decorations on to the nails with the use of a transparent polish or nail art glue.

2. Zebra 3D Bow

Zebra 3D Bow is one of the popular and amazing animal nail patterns worth decorating your nails with. Besides, this nail pattern is exceptionally easy to apply. You only need to get yourself 3D nails art decoration Rhinestones and Bows. The Zebra 3D Bow is recommended to be applied to the nails after finishing off the base design and sticking using a transparent topcoat or nail art glue.

3. Ice Cream Stick and Hello Kitty 3D Nails art

To create this kind of 3D nails art, all you need to do is to use 3D art decorations such as small peal beads, hello kitty and rhinestones. This, you can select in different shapes and sizes with regard to your preference.

4. Polka Dots

3D nails art can also be combined with Polka Dots together with decompression bows. Women are usually advised to consider small Rhinestones as they tend to bring out a more prepossessing look. If you are a fun of color changing nail polish and looking to explore something new, don’t hesitate to try out the 3D nails art fashioned from Polka dots.

5. Acrylic 3D Nail Art Leaves and Roses

For this nail art design, you may have to consult a professional if you are still an amateur since the use of acrylic materials to create a 3D nails art could be challenging. You will need to create the petals and leaves designs, and this can be performed with ease through the use of a brush. To avoid mistakes and minimize wastage of your acrylic materials, you will have to undertake this task with utmost caution.

6. Famous 3D Nails Art

This 3D nails art design is the ideal option for women who find it difficult to draw or paint their nails. Fimo stickers can adhere to the nails through the use of a transparent polish, which saves you time and energy.

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