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A good percentage of nail polishes available in beauty stores and salons tend to give the nails a glossy look after a top coat has been applied contrary to what matte nail polish do. Matte nail polish is a type that does not have that glossy finish and is turning out to be trending and fashionable giving the nails beauty that a fashion-conscious woman deserves. A number of manufacturers are giving this trend a trial. The nail polish that has the matte finish is more costly as compared to the regular polish possessing the glossy look. Apart from acquiring the polish having the matte nail polish, one can prepare non-shiny polish at home using steam. Alternatively, corn starch can be used to come up with this kind of nail polish.

One should first ensure that her nail is clean, free from the previous nail polish or even lotion. Therefore, cleaning the nail using the nail polish remover is the first step. A piece of cotton wool dipped in the nail polish remover is used to clear the nail of polish or oils. Prior to using the remover, one should file the nails and shape them to the shapes desired. After shaping and cleaning the nail, a thin stroke of the bottom coat is then applied after which, time will be given for this coat to dry before proceeding.

The regular nail polish is poured on a foil or the wax paper. A pinch of corn starch is then put where the nail polish is then mixed using a twig or preferably a toothpick. Mixing should be done very fast as the nail polish might dry up since it is exposed to environmental heat and cold. The outcome will seem thicker than the ordinary nail polish but one needs to be keen not to make it too thick otherwise it might be a problem sticking on the nail. A thicker polish also, tends to chip off much faster. Also, a thinner nail polish brings out nail beauty very well.

The nail polish mixed with the corn starch is then applied on the nail that has already dried after application of the base coat. One should make sure that the application begins from the cuticle, which is the end of the nail up to the tip. The nail brush should make three stripes that is at the middle and on the either sides. After one is done with the three stripes, she should leave some space all round the nail plate to be taken care of by a professional finish. Like the ordinary nail polish, the mixture takes sometime before drying up. The nails need to be spread so that they don’t touch each other thus tampering with the wet polish. Enough time is given while the nails are spread on a comfortable flat surface like on a table, all this while, the hands sitting still on that surface. One should let the nails to dry on their one, so blowing them to speed up the drying time is out of question. This becomes matte nail polish when dry. Further, nail beauty of non-glossy touch is achieved if no top coat is used.

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