3233410 Nail Brands That Are Usually Underestimated Yet Good

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In a shopping spree for a quality nail polish, a woman needs to be enlightened on the pricing, how long the nail polish lasts and whether the look on one’s nail gives a value for her money. There are a number of stores in the internet and around our homes that sell these beauty products. One can acquire her package either from retailing stores or nail polish wholesale stores. Whichever shop one settles for, the nail polish acquired should match the amount invested. There are some brands that have been tested and proven to be surprisingly good.

1. Deborah Lippmann La Vie En Rose

A testimony has been given that when this nail polish is applied in a normal way that is after the base coat then three of Debora lippmann la vie en rose followed by the top coat, it lasts for about ten days without flaking. This happens under the condition that the nail polish is given enough time to dry. If the nail polish does not dry well, the chances of chipping off earlier are higher.

2. Sally Hansen

This is an amazing nail polish that has a shiny look, like that of gel nail polish. In instances when one avoids exposing sally Hansen miracle gel nail polish to too much heat, moisture and pressure, it is said that it lasts as longer as Deborah Lippmann La Vie En Rose.

3. Smith and Cult

Smith and cult feathers and flesh is a fashionable nail polish that takes a longer time to chip off given that proper application of the base, top coat and the polish itself is done in the correct way.

4. Opi

Opi is sold by Kerry Washington nail polish wholesale and takes more than a week before flaking. A neutral shade from Opi is said to chip off at the tip of the nail and still stays intact for much longer as compared to other nail polishes. This is possible after the base coat and a few strokes of Opi and the top coat are applied well from the end to the tip.

5. Nails Inc

This is a trendy nail polish known for the longest lasting effect which is sold in Cornwall Gardens at fair prices. When too much contact with moisture is avoided, nails inc last surprisingly long, as long as the correct procedure is used during application.

6. Jin Soon

Jin Soon wears out after seven days as well if well taken care of. One can depend on it as it lasts for a pretty long while they remain fashionable all that time.

7. Chanel

Apart from the ordinary polish, chanel has the shades that are mirror-like, those that look like brushed metals after they are applied and given time to dry. They take an average of one week before chipping off.

8. Zoya

This is a little different from other nail polishes since it lacks some chemicals used in other nail polishes.

9. Essie

It is one of the cheapest brands and could be the reason for its chipping very fast, hence not economical.

10. Butter London

This nail polish maintains the glossy look for more than a week even after chipping beyond the tip.

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