A Few Great Books Like Divergent

Divergent is part of a popular dystopian series by Veronica Roth, named #1 book for young adults in an online vote that American Library Association held in September 2012. If you have already devoured Divergent, then you are probably on the hunt for other great books like Divergent. A wonderful book leaves a gap in your heart that cant be satisfied except by reading books similar to it. It isnt easy to find a list of books that meet such standards, and to save you time, a short list of compelling books like Divergent has been compiled below.

The Hunger Games Trilogy

Often, teens read the Hunger Games first, and while looking for similar books, discover Divergent. But since you are one of the few teens who did things backward, you should certainly read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. The trilogy is set in an evil dystopian world, where few people are happy and those who are brave are usually killed. The trilogy explores love, hope, battling against sinister forces, and wining against evil even though everything appears doomed.

Dream Caster

In the list of books like Divergent, Dream Caster by Najeev Raj Nadarajah comes second. This novel gives you a post-apocalyptic environment, in which the human race has almost been destroyed. Even though the book is mostly for teens, it has elements that can engage a reader of any age. Dream Caster is the beginning of a series, so it will offer you plenty of books and not leave you wanting.


Delirium by Lauren Oliver is the beginning of a new YA dystopian series. The book is mainly about two teenagers struggling to keep love from being completely erased. The sinister government thinks that love is a disgusting disease that must be eliminated from the society.


Written by Marie Lu, the story covers a rich teenager that was born in the Republic, once the United States. The teenager gives up her future in the army and instead tracks down the person who murdered her brother. The book covers love, betrayal, and war.

The Dustlands Series

The series by Moira Young begins with Blood Red Road. The books are about a very brutal post-apocalyptic future, in which characters scrounge for remains. The main character goes on some weird adventures to rescue her kidnapped brother. The book offers adventure, love, and sometimes a few very brutal scenes. The book is full of many grammatical mistakes, but that is simply how the character thinks and talks.

The Maze Runner Series

Written by James Dashner, the book follows a teen boy who wakes in an elevator with no memory, except for his name. The teen is released into a maze with other boys that have no memory either. The maze is like the dangerous arena in the Hunger Games, but these boys have an additional disadvantage of not having any memory.

That is the list of books like Divergent. There are countless other dystopian books like Divergent, but those are the ones most similar and most likely that you will enjoy. Dystopian books are vastly gaining in popularity, and many of them have been turned into movies, such the Hunger Games. And many of them are due to be turned into movies, such as Delirium.

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