Every Author Must Know This. Fact 1, Period!

So, you released the plot and the many characters that needed to be exposed to a wider audience. Now you have to confront that little piece of information that every author must know. Period!

33117The three big style for academic writing

As a student, representation of your academic writing is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful academic paper that is sure to fetch good response towards it. It is very important to understand how you will represent the informati

Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts in 2013

In 2013 I think more and more publishers will begin to accept unsolicited manuscripts for many reasons. The problem is money and great stories. Basically, they are running out of money and authors are running into money. Great stories are also sides

Be a Book Reviewer with a Code of Conduct

When you decide to be a book reviewer you need to realize how important what you are doing is. Once you realize how important your job is you will realize that you need a code of conduct (COC) for book reviewing. A COC not only keeps you honest, but

The Importance of Book Trailers in Book Marketing

Book trailers are one of the latest promotional tools used on book marketing scene. Like a TV commercial or movie trailer, book trailers provide an audiovisual bite which entices the audience to buy the product. Once made, you can load the book trail

A Few Great Books Like Divergent

Divergent is part of a popular dystopian series by Veronica Roth, named #1 book for young adults in an online vote that American Library Association held in September 2012. If you have already devoured Divergent, then you are probably on the hunt for

Online Marketers Have A New Marketplace

Now, more than ever, entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent business owners are looking for a better and more profitable platform to promote their expertise. Ssolver.com is that new place. Ssolver.com much like other online marketing platforms gi