You Can Pick Out Great Reads from Recommended Awesome Books

Quite frankly, people who haven’t discovered the sheer joy of reading are missing out on one of life’s simple and most delightful pleasures. When you pick up a book to read for leisure or to be educated, you can be inspired, be in awe, be mesmerized, amused, frightened or you can simply escape into a world of fantasy. Books are like good friends; they are always there to entertain. There are many cool books out there waiting to be discovered, and whatever situation you find yourself in, books take us through every part of life; from joy to sorrow, disasters and triumphs; some true, others not.

When you have no-one to talk to; they can provide you with the answers you need. There are even storytelling times at the library or book clubs, and as these books are read out loud to the listeners, it can be fascinating to see the personal responses from the listeners as the story unfolds.

Where to Find the Most Cool Books

So what are some of the most cool books out there and where do you find them? If one book is cool for certain people, it may not necessarily be cool for you. Some people like romance, others adventure, some like thrillers while others pour over health and fitness books. The truth is that your personality and interests will determine what you find as cool, and the beauty is that you can rely on the library, on-line resources and book-stores to keep you constantly updated on the latest best sellers in all topics.

It is for this very reason that, whether you read a book on your laptop or you take out a book from the library, there are plenty of book reviewers who have read a wealth of books, and they present the best sellers to book enthusiasts. They tell you which books have received awards, which books were nominated for book of the year, which writers are recommending the best books in fantasy, war, sex, travel, fiction, non-fiction, romance, family or thrills.

Some Cool Books from 2012

When it comes to cool books for children, people like to fashionably criticize Enid Blyton, but the truth is her books have kept young readers riveted for years, and are as popular as ever. If you are a science fiction and fantasy fan, one of the books that have been recommended by book clubs and book stores is 2312 by Kim Stanley. ‘Tell the Wolves I’m Home’ by Carol Rifka Brunt is a thought provoking best seller of 2012 that tells the story of a young girl who finds out things about her uncle after his death from AIDS. ‘Seating Arrangements’ by Maggie Shipstead for instance is a highly recommended book by a new author, and will interest readers finding themselves in the same situation. The story covers all the romance and intrigue of a family preparing for their eldest daughter’s wedding.

Plenty of Ways to Find the Best Books

Take a break and read a book. There are loads of cool books out there, whether you want to read autobiographies of achievers or you merely want blissful escapism. There are books from your favorite authors and new authors too, and with some research, there is an unlimited amount of information available on-line, at the library and book stores to guide you to the most cool books there are.

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