Promote your site by making electronic magazine

How to promote your website by making electronic magazine? Slightly knowing some of CMS, people change a home page template, columns, articles, pages, collect 1 ~ 20000 articles with two days can make a dump, but do is easy to make money is difficult. Page flipping
Hard to make money is mainly lies in promoting; flow is the root of making money. “How to make money” is usually seen in little traffic sites. Online articles, too incredible, with foothold argument: as long as you choose the right advertising model, small flow site can make money. But I questioned: does “big traffic “chosen the right advertising model make more money? In fact it is impossible. So dont believe making money with little traffic. So the traffic is the first. In China, if you are crash site, that is all right, you can only rely on Baidu and Google. The Internet has too much such as Baidu and Google ranking optimization tutorial and theory. I will not repeat here.
A few days ago, I thought of a way of doing that is by making electronic flip magazine online. In magazines loading on your website logo, website introduction, website links and other information can play a propaganda effect.
I made a spark elementary composition nets; a few days ago we just did a spark elementary composition, changing pdf to flip book, published to the Internet and uploaded to the QQ group members, and the friends like it. They all have never or very rarely before seen this kind of form, elaborated electronic magazine. Making the composition electronic magazines, not only promote my website also increased my website user viscosity, flow slowly increased.
Maybe some friends will ask, is making electronic magazines simple. I say for sure, there are much digital magazine software; it is even easier than CMS.

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