Every Author Must Know This. Fact 1, Period!

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So finally, you are ready to release your amazing plot. Along with the many characters that need to be exposed to a wider audience than there is inside your head. Now you have to confront that little piece of information that every top author must know the answer to.

How Do I Sell My Books Effectively?

Your head was finally full, so you decided to write your book and got it all out there on the internet for everyone to see. But how do you get them to view your masterpiece? Will it depend on word of mouth? How about a little bookstall or even an advert in a local paper? No! You know these methods may have some effect on your sales, but that is not really what you had in mind when you decided to release your masterpiece. Obviously your book is better than most books out there, even though you will never say that. So how do you get it the audience it deserves?

Many authors of the past simply submitted their works to a publisher, who snapped it up and paid them thousands of dollars up front, and then placed their book in front of millions of people resulting in everyone concerned becoming millionaires overnight. No, they did not! Not even close but the mechanics I am trying to get across are still there.
Author‘s books must submitted somewhere, marketed and only then payments come from the sales. Even though back then the publishers somehow knew there would be good sales so they knew they could afford to pay their authors up front for their manuscripts.

So, what has changed today? In truth today’s publishing is so different from days gone by that sending a book to a publisher in the hope they will accept it is seldom heard of. Why? Because of these two words, The Internet!

Now the vast majority of new authors realize if they wish to be published then they need to be published on Amazon. After all, Amazon is the major player in the ebook/book market today. Period!

If you have a book ready to send to a publisher then you and every new author need to know how to publish your books on Amazon.

To understand why you need to know this then simply look at any book listed on AmazonlikeDaughter of Ethos by L.M. Lacee, for example. If you go to that page on Amazon by clicking the book name then scroll down that pageyou will find a heading: 

Product details:

Under this heading you will notice several sub headings with numbers beside them. but we are only interested in the heading that says: Best Sellers Rank: This sub heading means, – The Amazon Best Seller rank is calculated based on the sales of a product and undergoes hourly updations. – Why is this so important? Well, the number here informs the author how well her books are doing with regards to the books sales. The number is not the number of sales but simply the position that particular book is amongst all the other books on Amazon. So how does that help the author? The number only moves closer to the number ‘0‘ from actual book sales (or free giveaways). That was the most important sentence in this article. Did you get it?

Let me explain further. An author‘s book‘s B.S.R. lowers, (improves), only from book sales. For now, any new author ready to publish should realize they need to know how to publish on Amazon for a start, and secondly the author will also need to be able to assess if their book‘s popularity on Amazon is improving or not. Therefore, to lower any books B.S.R. the author will simply have to increase sales on that book.

Although lowering a book‘s B.S.R. signifies the desired result of more book sales it is not simply achieved by just knowing we need more book sales. How to get those book sales is too big a topic to discuss here I will expand on this in future articles.

No more gate keepers.


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