5 Unique Places To Find Discount Beads

If you have just begun making jewelry from beads, it can seem like an expensive hobby or business. Beautiful beads can be difficult to find at a bargain and can cost you as much as forty dollars just to make one wonderful piece. However, there are some really great ways to get discount beads for your projects, beads that not only look great, but save you a lot of money too. Here are some places to shop that you may not have thought of.

Flea Market Hubs

Flea markets are a great place to pick up discount beads. You can find more than just beads here however, you may even be able to find all of the components to begin a jewelry making project. Some stands offer wires, tools, beads, and clasps for far below what you would normally pay in a crafts store. You may even be able to haggle down the salesperson to well below what they had originally listed the item for. Jewelry stands may even offer completed projects with wonderful beads, that you can cut apart and add to your own fantastic touches.

Garage Sales

Much like flea markets, some garage sales offer great discount beads for sale, well below what you would have to pay at a retail vendor. You can find pre made pieces that you can cut apart, or whole sets for starting bead jewelry makers. Some people may even offer large bead bins full of wonderful trinkets. This is another place where you may be able to haggle down prices with people, but be aware that some garage sale attendees can get miffed if you try this practice.

Department Store Sales

Sales racks at your local department stores often offer discount beads already strung into jewelry. Some of these pieces are downright ugly, but you can cut these apart and restring them with other beads that you find attractive. Some department stores offer bead crafting kits at reduced prices as well, and these can be well worth the price you pay. Keep an eye out for local department store coupons near school opening time, as they offer crafts at much lower prices.

Half-Off Craft Store Coupons

Many craft stores have email lists that they send out coupons for on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. These lists include promotions for discount beads and other craft supplies that can be as much as half-off sticker price. The most important aspect of getting these great deals, is to keep your ear to the ground. You never know when a sale will pop up!

Bulk Order Mailing Lists

Some manufacturers of beads and bead crafts offer bulk order mailing lists to repeat customers. While it may seem like you are spending more money, as the sheer quantity of beads can be stunning, they are usually priced just slightly above the cost to make the crafts. Check your favorite manufacturer’s website or email them to see if they offer just such a deal to clients that are not retailers.

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