Cheap Beads Can Save You Money

Many people start beading as a hobby and realize later that it can be very rewarding, so these hobbyists eventually become small jewelry business owners. They may work at home doing bead work and they may also sell their creations to others. They may just want to make beaded pieces and have a collection of these. No matter what your purpose may be in beading, most probably you would want to buy cheap beads before you break the bank.

Cheap beads are those beads that you buy online wholesale. So, your first step should be to search the internet. You can get wholesale prices for your required beads from thousands of online shops. Make sure that you compare prices of a number of websites and deal with the best offer. You might be attracted to see sale prices or special incentives. Be careful and watch out for there may be hidden costs that are passed on to charges for shipping and handling. Try to find stores that offer cheap beads without too much of a paper work.

Also, try to be careful of the cheap beads quality. You wont be checking out each bead strand in person as you are not there at the shop. However, you can still end up having beads of the finest quality if you make sure that you return those that fail your expectations. It is wise to first check the return policy of the online store. If you are buying in large quantity, there is a possibility that you will receive some duds. The store should allow returns; well, they should, because you paid for them, wholesale prices or otherwise.

Buy your cheap beads from more than one online bead shop. You may find large stores that seem to sell everything that you need for your bead work, but these stores do not have the best prices always. Know that wholesale prices of beads differ from one store to the next. Full time jewelry crafters typically buy their cheap beads from ten or more bead shops.

If you intend to sell your beaded jewelry pieces, it will be for your interest to apply for a sellers permit. Besides allowing you to get wholesale prices at most bead shops, this permit will also exempt you from paying your local sales tax. However, you will have to file annual taxes for that permit.

There are also cheap beads from specialty shops that specialize on just a single type of crystal or bead. You may also want to call these stores customer service to inquire about discounts and special deals that are not announced on their websites and catalogs. You cant lose anything trying, because you might qualify for these discounts and deals. Another place where you can get cheap beads is the bead shows. While discounts abound here, it is advised that you shop around and compare each vendors prices before making a purchase. For a small amount, you could have your one years supply of beads for your craft from these bead shows.

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